New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Lots new this week in the Adobe Developer Connection:

Introducing skinning in Flex 4 beta: Learn about the enhancements to the skinning architecture in Flex 4 beta.

Lots of Flash, Flex, Zend, and PHP samples: Check out this wide range of samples from one of Adobe’s Platform Evangelists.

Building the server side of the Tour de Flex real-time dashboard: Learn how the server side was created for Tour de Flex.

BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services samples galore in Tour de Flex: heck out the new samples in the Flex Data Access category in Tour de Flex.

Creating your first website – Part 4: Adding the main image text: Apply CSS rules to format and position text elements.

Dreamweaver templates: Customizable starter designs for beginners: Jumpstart your designs using layouts with dynamic Spry elements.

Designing and animating characters in Flash – Part 1: Drawing tools and symbols: This article series covers the entire process of creating a digital animated character, from its conception all the way through building a complex animation with many different moving parts.

Designing and animating characters in Flash – Part 2: 2.5D animation: This article reveals a truly killer animation technique in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional that allows you to create convincing 3D effects.

Large-scale streaming deployments with Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5: Understand the basic principles of high-demand video streaming with Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5.

Encrypting PDF documents using Remoting: Invoke the Encryption service and encrypt a PDF document with a password.

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