New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Lots of new content just posted in the Adobe Developer Connection:

Spark layouts with Flex 4 beta: Understand the new component and skinning architecture in Flex 4 beta and learn how to create a custom one.

ColdFusion 9 exposed as Flex services: Harness the power of ColdFusion without writing any server-side code.

Integrating Flash CS4 with After Effects CS4: Harness the power of these two tools to create stunning motion graphics.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Introduction: Learn what it takes to build a website from the ground up.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 1: Planning the site: Learn the process of planning the website. This article explains how to gather all of the feedback from stakeholders to get a good understanding of the business requirements

Creating a product catalog using Dreamweaver and InContext Editing: See how to create a product catalog site with editable content using Dreamweaver and InContext Editing.

Exporting CSS with Fireworks CS4: Review the process of exporting a Fireworks design using the new CSS export feature, and learn a clever method of directly controlling the final layout.

Using Document objects with Flex and LiveCycle: Upload, process, and return a Document object using Flex and LiveCycle ES.

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