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Lots of new content posted to the Adobe Developer Connection!

Enterprise security for Flex: Secure Flex applications with the Flexible Chimp project and Spring BlazeDS Integration project.

Components Learning Guide for Flash CS4 Professional: Reduce your development time and effort by using these building blocks for creating rich interactive applications on the web.

Colin Moock’s “Lost ActionScript Weekend” videos: These videos cover the ActionScript 3 language in exhaustive detail, including an introduction to object-oriented programming, object references and garbage collection, graphics programming, the display list, Flex debugging mode, and Flex profiling.

Approaching ActionScript from a designer’s perspective: Designers and animators rely on Adobe Flash to create amazing visual content for the web or desktop. Many take advantage of its support of Adobe Creative Suite-native file formats, while others maximize the functionality of the Timeline. There is a point, though, that many Flash users feel is inevitable: they need to learn ActionScript.

Learning ActionScript one-on-one: Follow these ActionScript 3 training videos that begin with the basics and guide you through building interactive and dynamic designs and animations.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 2: Creating a local site: Learn how to use Dreamweaver CS4 to define your local root folder and configure a local web server.

Mobile workflow in Adobe CS4: The Adobe Creative Suite 4 tools offer smooth workflows for both designers and developers creating mobile applications and content. In this article, we’ll take a walk through the relevant CS4 tools and see this workflow in action.

Managing mobile application screens: There are various ways of managing control over the different screens, or views, within your Flash Lite application. In this article, we’ll look at some of these techniques and the implications they have for your application.

OOP architecture for Flash mobile applications: Object Orientated Programming (OOP) is something that more Flash mobile developers will need to grasp as the Flash mobile platform matures. In this article, we’ll take a look at sample architecture for a Flash mobile application.

New mobile and devices training video page : Take a look at our new mobile and devices training page that has several useful video tutorials.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Web Services API firstapp sample application: Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro has a Web Services API that lets you integrate Connect Pro with portals, reporting applications, CRM systems, content management systems, and other corporate systems. This sample application, called “firstapp”, is a Java and JSP application that demonstrates how to call the Web Services API to display information about Connect Pro meetings.

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