New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Lots new in the Adobe Developer Connection this week:

Five great new features in Flash Builder 4 beta: Learn about the five highly anticipated and valuable additions to the product.

An iterative approach to the designer-developer workflow: Effectively communicate the iterative model used in development and design among your teams.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 5: Slicing and exporting site assets with Fireworks: Learn how to bring a design from Photoshop into Fireworks and export it as a CSS layout.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 6: Adding styles to finalize the page design: Learn how to add formatting styles and apply them to specific HTML tags and create custom classes to add rules that will affect elements that reoccur on the page.

Setting up a Fireworks web design mock-up for CSS and images export: Prepare a website mock-up in Fireworks, review a sample design’s structure, and optimize the exported CSS/HTML code.

Navigating the SOA open standards landscape around architecture
(PDF, 1.1M): This document explains and positions architectural standards for SOA reference models and ontologies, reference architectures, maturity models, SOA modeling languages, and open standards work related to the topic of SOA governance.

In the Developer Spotlight: Artemy Malkov: Meet our most recent developer in the spotlight, Artemy Malkov.

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