New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

The Adobe Developer Connection has been updated with a lot of new content:

Adobe Flash Catalyst best practices: Follow these hints and tips to help move design assets from Illustrator to Flash Catalyst in a structured way.

A survey of Inversion of Control frameworks for Flex: Compare popular dependency injection frameworks for Flex.

Create your first Facebook AIR application with Flex: Learn to build a Facebook AIR application with Flex in 40 minutes.

Building extensions for Adobe ColdFusion Builder beta: Learn the basics of creating your own extensions for ColdFusion Builder beta.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 7: Finalizing and reviewing the home page: Learn how to finalize the home page of the AdventureTours site by completing the following tasks:

* Create a Photoshop Smart Object to facilitate editing the banner graphic of the home page.
* Add placeholder links to the top and bottom navigation text.
* Use the Adobe BrowserLab service to check how different browsers render the page.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 8: Creating the database: In this tutorial, you complete the following tasks:

* Create a MySQL database and define its data structure
* Connect to the database from within Dreamweaver

Creating a WordPress theme with Dreamweaver – Part 1: Learning the basics: Lay the groundwork for building your own WordPress theme in Dreamweaver.

Learning Flash CS4 Professional: Help master the new motion editor, integrated 3D system, and character control with the new inverse kinematics animation system.

Search engine optimization for Flash: Learn best practices for building websites with SWF content that will stand tall in search rankings.

Easy animation with the Motion Editor in Flash: Learn how to quickly tune motions, transformations, color effects, and more in Flash.

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