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CF Cookbook contest winner(s)


That is all I can say…wow. As many of you probably saw, I put the call out to the CF community to hit 100 recipes in this post on Oct 8 and in less than a week, the CF community delivered the goods. I honestly expected it to take the better part of a month or longer to hit the 100 recipe target; less than a week though? That is why the CF community rocks so ridiculously hard.

I am so impressed by the response, that I decided to draw 2 winners from the pool of recipe contributors instead of one — just my small way of thanking you all for the absolutely amazing response.

So, without further ado…the two winning contributors selected at random are:

Dan Switzer and Sameer Gupta. Click on their names to see a list of all their great CF cookbook contributions.

Congratulations guys! Email me at and I’ll get you squared away on receiving your copy of CF 9 Standard.

And please, keep those terrific recipe contributions coming everyone!

Ed Sullivan

ColdFusion Cookbook contest – drive to 100 recipes!

I am calling on all the ColdFusion developers out there to help us reach our goal of having 100 cookbook contributions in the recently launched ColdFusion Cookbook. With the recent release of ColdFusion 9 and the updated beta for ColdFusion Builder, there is lots new to discover!

If you need a reason other than giving back to your fellow CF developers, something you guys already do a remarkable job of (thought a little flattery couldn’t hurt), here it comes…once we reach 100 contributions, we will do a drawing for a copy of ColdFusion 9 (Standard edition) from the pool of authors who helped us hit the 100 recipe mark. If you contributed 2 of the 100 recipes, you would have 2 entries in the raffle; if you contribute 7 of the 100 recipes, you would have 7 entries in the raffle, and so on…

To get maximum exposure for your contributions, be sure to have your community profile updated with all your websites, blogs and social networking sites, as well as a profile picture and bio. To update your community profile, click here, login with your membership ID and then follow the “View your profile” link.

Currently 27 recipes have been posted in the CF Cookbook. In anticipation of getting this question, the authors of those 27 entries are already entered in the raffle, so only 73 more to go!

Don’t dally…get your CF contributions in today!