Adobe Cookbooks – Update Released!

I wanted to let folks know that today we pushed an update live for the Adobe Cookbooks application based on user feedback.

I wanted to highlight a couple of the public facing improvements:

  • We have added a Flex brush to our code highlighter making it simple to highlight a block of Flex code and apply the appropriate formatting to it.
  • Twitter integration has been added across the application giving users the ability to retweet their favorite recipes or follow the Adobe Cookbooks Twitter account.
  • In addition to actual recipes, recipe requests will now automatically be tweeted when submitted as well. If you follow the Adobe Cookbooks Twitter account, any tweet that starts with “Adobe Cookbooks | Request”, is a recipe request, not a recipe contribution. Recipe requests are requests from other cookbook users for a specific recipe, so be sure to check those out in case you can provide the answer!

Thanks to all the cookbook contributors for taking the time to share their knowledge with the greater community. Those recipe contributions are what continue to make the cookbooks a great community resource. Be sure to watch this blog for some upcoming cookbook contests as well for a chance to win some cool prizes!

And if surveys aren’t your thing, always feel free to drop me a note directly if you have any feedback or questions about the cookbooks application.

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