Adobe Cookbooks recipe drive – extended

After rolling out the CF recipe drive a few weeks back, I received a lot of feedback from community members who were contributing Flex, ActionScript and Flash code recipes to the Cookbook. Their feedback can be succinctly boiled down to, “Hey, what about us? We like t-shirts too!”

You want it? You got it! This post is to officially extend the recipe drive to include contributions made to the Flex Cookbook, the ActionScript Cookbook and the Flash Cookbook.

Not sure what the Adobe Cookbooks is? It is a repository for community generated code samples that offer fellow developers coding tips & tricks, workarounds and solutions to specific development challenges. If you are still uncertain as to what the Adobe Cookbooks are all about, or what a code recipe should look like, take a peek at this recipe to get a better idea.

For the entire month of November, EVERY person who contributes a code recipe to the one of the Cookbooks above will receive an ADC branded t-shirt. If you contribute two recipes in that time frame, yes, you will receive two shirts!

How do you collect your shirt, you ask? Simple: drop me an email <esulliva at adobe dot com> with the link to your recipe contribution, your preferred t-shirt size and your mailing address/phone. That’s it…you’re done!

But wait…we’re not done yet. Whoever submits the most recipes during the contest duration will receive an ADC-branded Timbuk2 bag that will contain some additional yummy surprises in it.

One final word: please don’t rush over to the cookbook and submit a bunch of a half-baked code recipes just to get a t-shirt. That’s not going to help anyone. If you really need a t-shirt that bad, email me <esulliva at adobe dot com> and I may take pity on you.

If you have any questions on the recipe drive or the cookbook application itself, don’t hesitate to drop me a note <esulliva at adobe dot com>.

I am looking forward to seeing some great code contributions from the community…happy coding!

7 Responses to Adobe Cookbooks recipe drive – extended

  1. Fantastic time to make some new recipes 😉

    • Edward Sullivan says:

      Your previous recipe contributions have been terrific, Ben. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

      Thank you for your participation in the Adobe Cookbooks!

      Ed Sullivan

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  4. John Barrett says:

    Hi Ed,
    I just submit one 🙂 saw a lot of traffic to my blog for setting up remoting with flash & ColdFusion, so I thought this would make a good recipe 🙂

  5. Edward Sullivan says:

    Nice! Thanks John!


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