ColdFusion 9 certification exam now available

The certification exam for ColdFusion 9 has been released.  Some details of interest:

  • Pearson VUE delivers the exam worldwide (NOTE: If you have never taken an Adobe exam with Pearson VUE, you will need to create a user account prior to scheduling your exam.)
  • Exam format: multiple-choice
  • Number of questions: 61
  • Passing score: 64%
  • Individuals who get a passing score of 80% or higher will receive the “Advanced ColdFusion” designation
  • Time: 80 minutes
  • Cost: $150
  • Language: English
  • Individuals get their score as soon as they finish the exam
  • Certificates are emailed to those who pass the exam

The prep guide can be found here and contains the exam structure, the exam outline and a few practice exam questions.

When you’re ready to schedule your exam, visit the Pearson VUE site.

20 Responses to ColdFusion 9 certification exam now available

  1. Ahmer says:

    Is there going to be any upgrade exam for CF8 Certified developers?

    • Edward Sullivan says:

      Ahmer –

      If you are asking if we are going to offer a re-certification exam like we do for some of our creative suite products – the answer is no, we will only have the full certification exam for ColdFusion 9.

      If you are asking if there is a discount for taking the CF 9 exam for folks who are already CF 8 certified, the answer is yes. You may use the promotion code UPGRD and get 50% off the normal price of the exam at the time of registration.

      • Dave says:

        Hi Ed,

        Just want to know if the ColdFusion 8 exam is still available, (if available then how long it will exist)?.


      • BKBK says:

        Hello Ed,

        Could you please point me to the site that gives information on the discount for CF8 certified developers wishing to do the cf9 exam? I went to register for the CF9 exam on the Pearson VUE site, but it doesn’t accept the promotion code UPGRD. Thanks in advance.

        • Edward Sullivan says:

          Hey BKBK,

          I have an email out to the certification team to see what’s up. I’ll post any information I receive.

          Thanks — Ed

        • Edward Sullivan says:

          Unfortunately that discount is no longer being offered.

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  4. gobbo67 says:

    Any info about availibilty of CF9 curriculum? See [0]


    • Edward Sullivan says:

      That site area is driven by the EDU team and I don’t know if they plan on making updated curriculum available for CF 9, sorry.


  5. @Edward Sullivan!

    Any coldfusion 9 certification related book(soft copy) avail in adobe site(s).

  6. karuppusamy says:

    will the cold fusion certification helpful to my career growth?

  7. Jason Quatrino says:

    Regarding the prep guide linked above, I believe there is an error in the first question.

    Given the following … Which variable contains the generated primary key?

    The correct answer should be D – it varies depending on your database.

    In MSSQL it’s result_name.IDENTITYCOL
    In Oracle it’s result_name.ROWID
    In Sybase it’s result_name.SYB_IDENTITY
    In Informix it’s result_name.SERIAL_COL
    In MySQL it’s result_name.GENERATED_KEY

    This question and it’s associated mistake makes me nervous for a number of reasons. First – who in their right mind would need to memorize these attributes for all these SQL platforms?
    Second – What does that memorization buy you if you could look it up in the LiveDocs?
    Third – Even if I did memorize these attributes (of an attribute) and I answered it correctly, I’d still get it wrong according to Adobe.

    This leads me to my real point – memorizing tags, functions and attributes only gets you so far as a developer. It’s the practical application of that knowledge that is really valuable.

    Wouldn’t it be more valuable to present the test taker with problems and ask them to properly solve them using code examples in a multiple choice format?

  8. Aaron Neff says:

    Regarding the prep guide question Jason Quatrino is referring to:

    The “most-correct” answer is an undocumented feature added in CF9.

    Undocumented features should not be *first-learned* in the certification exam.

    Thus, the “correct” answer is “D – it varies depending on your database”, just as Jason suggests (or, preferably, both A & D).

    Due to some attribute naming inconsistencies, and tag vs script equivalent inconsistencies (some script “equivalents” don’t behave the same as their tag counterpart), I’d probably caution against _too_ much focus on memorizing loads of attribute and result key names.

    I agree that practical application would be a good key focus.


  9. Andor Admiraal says:

    How can we schedule the said exam? The site of Pearson Vue only lists 8 different exams, and the only ColdFusion exam is for ColdFusion 8. It is three months after this blog post, so I think it should be available by now?

    It says that Pearson Vue offers this exam worldwide. But that probably doesn’t even matter, because you first need to select your exam and only after that you can select a location.

    In short: how can I actually sign my team here in India up for the exam?

  10. Ajo Koshy Joseph says:

    Planning to do a CF certification exam (CF9) now. Do I need to do it on CF9 or wait as CF10 is about to launch?

  11. Gordon says:

    The price quoted on this page is $150. Pearson is charging $180. Please update the page (and afterwards, delete this as it will be OBE)