ColdFusion recipe drive results

The results for the ColdFusion recipe drive are in!

First and foremost I would like to thank all of the contributors.  The CF recipe drive drove over 40 new recipe contributions to the ColdFusion Cookbook in just under 4 weeks.  If you contributed a CF recipe and never claimed your t-shirt, now is the time to do so.  If you emailed me about your t-shirt and never heard back, that means I never received your email.  It may have been grabbed by my spam filter, so feel free to try me via Twitter.

Now for the winners.  The winner of the ADC Timbuk2 bag for the most contributions during the recipe drive duration is Vinh Khoa.  You may check out one of his contributions here.  Nice work, Vinh!!  Thank you for all your contributions!!

Now that we have determined who contributed the most recipes, let’s see if we can determine who contributed the best.  That’s where you folks come in.  My crack panel of judges have helped me determine the top 5 contributions made during the recipe drive, which are listed out below.  Voting for your favorite via the comments section of this post will be open until Friday, November 12 at midnight ET.  How do you vote for your preference?  Easy, just leave a comment on this post indicating which recipe has your vote.  You can simply put the number of the recipe you like best in your comment, or the title, or the author…anything where I can easily discern which recipe you are voting for.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 choices in no particular order:

1. Title: Draw a polygon or any complex shape and add text to it using ColdFusion

2. Title: How to sort an array of objects or entities with ColdFusion

3. Title: How do you build a RESTful service in ColdFusion using GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE HTTP verbs

  • Author: Steve Rittler

4. Title: Accessing ColdFusion Services from Flex applications

5. Title: The cfinterface tag demystified

Thank you to the CF community for making the recipe drive such a success.  I would also like to thank our judges: Raymond Camden, Terry Ryan and Kevin Schmidt for helping me out with selecting the 5 finalists.

And don’t forget, we are currently in the midst of a new recipe drive for Flex, ActionScript and Flash recipe drive.  Be sure to check out the details here!

Happy coding!!

64 Responses to ColdFusion recipe drive results

  1. James Halmek says:

    +1 vote for Curt

  2. Kelly G. says:

    I vote for Curt Gratz

  3. kiwibeandip says:

    I loves me some polygons! Well done Curt!

  4. Debby says:

    I vote for Curt Gratz

  5. Paula Berry says:


  6. Rob says:

    Vote: #2
    Nice work Aaron!

  7. Joey P says:

    I vote for #2. Helpful step by step to be able to read, understand and implement myself.

  8. Adam Lewis says:

    My vote is for Curt Gratz, “Draw a polygon or any complex shape and add text “. If you haven’t read that one read it… It is pretty sweet!

  9. I vote for #2. How to sort an array of objects or entities with CF by Aaron Greenlee.

  10. James Brown says:

    Vote: #2 Great example!!!

  11. F. Stewart says:

    Learning ColdFusion and ORM. I used the array sort already. Thanks. #2

  12. Joe Brislin says:

    Vote: #5 – Great OO Example that a lot of developers won’t know about

  13. Steve Rittler says:

    I’m partial to #3 for obvious reasons.

  14. Tony says:

    #1, Curt Gratz

  15. Seth Engen says:

    #1 – Curt Gratz

  16. Amanda Kloepping says:

    I vote for Curtiss Gratz! Polygons rock my world!

  17. Ben McElmurry says:

    Curt Gratz!

  18. Eapen says:

    #5 – “Implements trumps Extends – very useful concept and explained as simply as possible.

  19. Betty Berry says:

    #2 How to sort an array of objects or entities with ColdFusion

    * Author: Aaron Greenlee;

  20. I’ve got to say all the examples are good. But, I’ve got to throw out a vote for #2 – Sorting an Array of Objects in ColdFusion.

  21. Michael Whitney says:


  22. Shannon Kane says:


  23. Khoa says:

    +1 for #2: sort object array

  24. Chris Schilling says:

    #1 Curt Gratz

  25. John Winters says:

    Number 1 is #1. It’s gotta be polygons. A sweet little nugget of knowledge to add to the toolbox.

  26. Jamin Waagen says:

    Curt Gratz # 1 All The Way

  27. Shadow2k says:

    Curt Gratz #1 All the way!! Polygons ftw

  28. I vote for #2, “How to sort an array of objects or entities with ColdFusion”, by Aaron Greenlee

  29. carlin nguyen says:

    aaron greenlee #2 all the way!

  30. Cool Cari says:


  31. Randy Berry says:

    I liked #2, It showed great concept, and thinking way outside the box

  32. Eeeeeek says:

    #1 Curt Gratz 🙂

  33. Josh Heise says:

    +1 for Curt Gratz! Gratz forever!

  34. Lucas Robl says:

    #1 – Curt Gratz

  35. Jacque Conway says:

    CURT GRATZ!!!!

  36. S Wahl says:

    +1 for Curt Gratz

  37. Aaron P says:

    #1 Curt Gratz – Good detail, interesting approach

  38. Danielle says:

    curt gratzzzz

  39. Stephenie says:

    curt gratz for the win!

  40. Mandy says:

    Curt Gratz 🙂

  41. Heather Shue says:


  42. Michele Crimella says:

    #2 – Aaron!

  43. Joshua Wallace says:

    Chalk up another vote for Mr. Curt Gratz (#1). After thoroughly analyzing each of the participants finished products, I concluded that Mr. Gratz’s was the most creative and original code I had seen in a really long time.

  44. Lisa says:

    I vote for #2

  45. Michael Schoeller says:

    #1 – Curt Gratz

  46. JJ Panoske says:

    Curt Gratz! Yarsh!

  47. Malissabeth Friedly says:

    CURT GRATZ!!!!

  48. Erin says:

    Curt Gratz!!!

  49. Stephanie Kincaid says:

    #2 please!

  50. Ingris says:

    #2-Aaron Greenlee

  51. J Isley says:

    Number 2! All the way!

  52. Edward Sullivan says:

    Please. Stop. I can’t take anymore!

    This has turned into an epic battle between Recipe #1 and Recipe #2.

    #1 has the lead…then #2…now #1 again…and down the stretch they come!!

    I know I said I’d let the voting go until midnight ET tonight, but at this point I am so pleased with the results of the recipe drive and the voting, that I am going to declare both Curt and Aaron winners. And as promised, the winners will each receive a copy of ColdFusion Std!

    Thanks again to our judges, all our contributors and everyone who took the time to vote. The CF community wins again.

  53. S Spratley says:


  54. Curt Gratz says:

    Thanks Ed and Adobe. That is a very generous prize. Thanks to the ColdFusion community. Its a great place to be involved. I was honored to even make the top 5.

    Thanks again,

  55. Super Excited! Thank you everyone!

    I’ll definitely contribute a few more examples to further illustrate my appreciation.

    Thanks to everyone who voted!
    Thanks to Adobe for generating this activity for CF.
    Thanks to Ed for organizing the event.
    Thanks to everyone who participated in the drive!

    Super happy,


  56. L. Dahl says:

    I vote for #2

  57. Ryan Anklam says:

    Congratulations Curt and Aaron!

    I didn’t put up much of a fight but I was deeply honored to even be in the top 5. The ColdFusion community really is the best!

  58. Jessica Robl says:

    #1 all the way!