Video Learning Guide for Flash

Adobe Flash Professional lets you easily put video on a web page in a format that almost anyone can view. This guide provides an introduction to web video, including information on how to create and publish video on the web. Explore the sections below to dive into whatever topic interests you.

Overview of video for Flash – Start things off right with this overview of key concepts and terminology related to web video and video formats.

Progressive and streaming video for Flash – Examine the variety of options for delivering video to Flash Player.

Capturing and encoding video for Flash – Learn how prerecorded web video is encoded and how to get best results when capturing video.

Adding video to a web page – Learn the two general approaches to adding video to web pages: using Dreamweaver or Flash.

Synchronization and captions in video for Flash – Get an overview of the key concepts involved in content synchronization and captioning.

NTSC and PAL video standards – Understand key concepts related to the NTSC and PAL video standards.

The video learning guide for Flash Professional introduces core concepts of video on the web, and provides you with tools for developing your skills.


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