Adobe Cookbooks – Recipe request challenge

Adobe Cookbook recipes are snippets of code that are shared by community members to assist fellow developers in overcoming specific development issues; example here.  If a developer cannot locate a recipe to solve their issue they may submit a recipe request, where they outline the issue they are having in the hopes that someone else in the community may have a code snippet to share.  When a recipe request gets answered, it gets published as a regular recipe, same as the example linked above.  This is what a recipe request looks like prior to it being answered.

With the help of the user community and several Adobe employees, we have identified a list of recipe requests that we feel would be valuable contributions to the Adobe Cookbooks as well as for the larger Adobe community.  All that these requests need now are answers…and that’s where the challenge comes in!

For every recipe request below, the community member who provides the solution will receive:

  1. An Adobe Developer Connection t-shirt
  2. A chance at a Samsung 10.1 tablet

This is how it works: answer a recipe request associated with this promotion (any on the list below), then send an email to Ed Sullivan at Adobe (esulliva at adobe dot com) with a link to the recipe you published, your mailing address and your t-shirt size.  In addition to the t-shirt, you will also receive one entry into the drawing for the tablet.  If you answer two recipe requests, you would be entitled to two t-shirts and would receive two entries into the tablet drawing.  At this time we are asking that no one answer more than five of the recipe requests.  For those who do the maximum, that would mean that you have a 5 chances to get the tablet, in addition to enough t-shirts to outfit a family of five.  There are less than 30 eligible recipe requests in the challenge, so if you provide solutions to just 3 of them for example, you’d have better than a 10% shot at the tab!

Solutions will be reviewed and any that are deemed incorrect or incomplete will be deleted and the request will be returned to the pool of eligible requests.

Details around the process of answering a recipe request are below.  And as always…happy coding!

Ed Sullivan
Adobe Developer Connection

Answering a recipe request:

You must have an membership ID as you must be logged in to to answer a recipe request (if you do not have one, you may create one here.)  If you arrive to the recipe request already logged in to, you will see an “Answer” button.  Click this button and you will be ready to roll.  If you are not logged in when arriving at the page, you will see a “Login to answer or vote” button.  Click that button, login and you will be brought back to the recipe request page and the “Answer” button should now be present.  Click that button and you should be good to go.

The subsequent screen after clicking the “Answer” button is the recipe submission template.  Since this was originally a recipe request, the title and problem fields will be pre-populated with the information from the recipe request.  It is up to you to fill in the solution field and the detailed explanation field.  Once you have completed that, simply publish your recipe and you’re done!  You are also free to tweak the title and/or problem fields if you think it is necessary.

List of eligible recipe requests to answer (note: as requests get solutions provided to them, the links below will point to the solutions rather than the requests.)



How do I use a stencil buffer to create a reflection?

How do I add a trend line to a chart?

How do I create an AIR app on iOS that plays audio while in the background?

How do I perform a multicolumn sort in a Spark DataGrid?

How can I override the default mapping of the XML or XMLList class to JSON using the Flash Players built-in JSON support?

How do you dynamically change a Button’s color?

How do I access the front-facing camera on a mobile device in AIR? >>> How do I access the front-facing camera on a mobile device in AIR?

Can you provide an example of how to create a linear and radial gradient using only ActionScript?

How do you connect your mobile application to a PHP back end using Flash Builder for PHP?

How do I pre-populate form fields using data from a PHP service?

How can I access the exif data for images from the CameraRoll or CameraUI classes?

How do I display a PDF file in an AIR desktop application?

How do I move the ActionBar to the bottom of a Flex mobile app?

How do I disable an item in a mobile item renderer?

How do I use complex objects as dataproviders in the Spark DropDownList control?

How do I use color transforms in FXG? >>> How do I use color transforms in FXG?

How can you add bitmap data to the CameraRoll on Android and iOS devices?

How can you compress and uncompress ByteArray data?

How can I launch other applications using a URI scheme?

How do I create an AIR application for Android that doesn’t require the AIR runtime to already be installed on the device?

How do I create a Shape object in Flash Professional?

How can I use Typekit fonts in a WebKit view in AIR?

What is the most efficient way to represent data on a grid in ActionScript 3?

I’m new to ActionScript 3, what is the best practice for class and method statements like override, protected, and others?

How do I use FXG XML markup in Shape subclasses?

How can I proxy multiple event types to the same event callback function?



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