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Launched: Adobe Developer Connection (ADC) feedback site

Today the Adobe Developer Connection launched a dedicated community feedback site.  The site is strictly for feedback on future content topics that our developers would like to see coming out of Adobe, with two main goals:

  1. Enable community members to submit ideas for future content topics that fellow community members can then vote up or down so we can evaluate the level of interest the community has in seeing the content around that topic
  2. Gauge audience interest in future content topics by posing the occasional poll question to the community

Community members are strongly encouraged to get involved in the feedback site by:

  • submitting an idea of your own
  • voting/commenting on the ideas submitted by others
  • providing input on a poll question

This input will play a pivotal role as future content strategies and topics are developed, so it is important to let your voice be heard!

Additionally, members of the ADC team will submit ideas of their own from time to time to solicit feedback on specific topics to gauge if it is something the community would find value in.  So again, your feedback is encouraged to help us vet ideas and be sure we are producing the content that best serves our communities.

The ADC team seeded the site with some initial content ideas and polls that we’d love to hear from you on:

Server Side JavaScript (idea) – I am interested in whether people would want to see articles and coverage on ADC of server-side JavaScript solutions like Node.js?

Mobile game development (idea) – Are you interested in articles or tutorials about developing mobile games?

Which game engines and frameworks do you use? (poll) – When developing a game, do you use any engines or frameworks?

You may view all current ideas listed here and all active polls are available here.

We are also looking for authors who are interested in writing articles around some of the ideas submitted, so if you see a popular idea that you’d like to explore writing on, please drop us an email to let us know.

Help us help you…get involved and provide some feedback today!

Ed Sullivan
Adobe Developer Connection

NOTE: anyone can view the site, but you must be logged in to the forums before you can submit an idea, vote on a poll or leave a comment.

What’s Cool in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 – Week of 1/23

As part of my job to find great authors and contributors for the ADC in the areas of HTML5 and JavaScript, I read a lot of posts from around the web on these topics. Many of these posts I find myself via Twitter or RSS feeds, while others I find through excellent resources like the JavaScript Weekly newsletter or DailyJS, among others. Those of you who follow me on either Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus will find that I regularly share these links as I find them. However, I thought it would be a useful resource to compile these each week so as to have a single, easy-to-bookmark resource listing all of best of the past week’s posts (at least, the best in my opinion). Therefore, this week, I decided to begin a new series of posts on my blog doing just that. The first of these posts I put up this morning covering 17 really great JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 resources you should check out, if you haven’t already.

While the post collects links from all across the community (i.e. not just Adobe), I would like to take a moment and recognize a few of this week’s contributions from Adobe and our awesome evangelism team:

Please let me know if you find these posts useful and if there is any way I can make them better.