Do Object Types Matter in JavaScript?

Some of you may recall that back in February, the ADC published an article by Keith Peters called “JavaScript Object Creation – Learning to Live Without ‘New’” in which Keith nicely explained the ways available to create and define objects in JavaScript and recommended a practice he preferred (as the title suggests, it isn’t use new). This article was widely popular not only because Keith is a great writer who explains things in an easy to read manner, but also because there is still a lot of debate on these types of topics in the JavaScript community.

In fact, some of the follow up discussion from Keith’s article led him to author a follow-up which was published this week that focuses on determining object types in JavaScript titled, simply, “Object types in JavaScript.” In this article, Keith discusses a variety of methods available for determining the type of object within JavaScript. However, he then goes on to show how object types can be both unhelpful and unreliable in a dynamic language like JavaScript and advocates “duck typing,” which, put simply, is a way of defining an object by what it does rather than its type. It is a great read and I really hope that it spurs some thoughtful discussion on the topic.

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