On Motion Detection in Video Using JavaScript

Every day I scour hundreds of sites looking for some of the best content on a variety of topics I am interested in. While there is, obviously, a ton of great content out there, I am always excited when I come across something that I feel is new and unique. That was the case with a recent post by Romuald Quantin.

The getUserMedia API has been a popular topic lately even though it is only fully implemented in Chrome Canary and Opera 12. However, the application Romu had created managed to set itself apart by combining video from the user’s camera with custom built motion detection using JavaScript and playing audio with the sound API’s. I was really impressed with the demo and immediately wished Romu would write about how he created it. Thankfully, he agreed to do so for the ADC and I am very happy that yesterday we published his article, “JavaScript Motion Detection.” If you are interested in seeing how to use some of these cutting edge API’s or just seeing how the browsers are implementing them, I highly recommend reading it. As always, we welcome your feedback on ADC content we publish or any topics you’d like to see published.

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