Cutting Edge HTML5 – Filesystem API

One of the first questions people ask when they are considering adding a new HTML5 feature to their site is: when is it safe to use feature x? In fact, there is, as many of you already know, a site devoted to that specific question. Sometimes the answer is that a specific feature, while exciting, isn’t ready to put into a production application due to limited support across multiple browsers. This does not mean that you can’t learn about it and even come up with cool innovative uses for the API – even building a prototype of your concept.

The Filesystem API is one such cool HTML5 feature that, while powerful, probably isn’t production ready yet (as you can see on When Can I Use, Chrome is the only browser that currently supports this API). Still, Raymond Camden has designed an interesting proof of concept that shows the potential of this new API in his article “Real-world example of the HTML5 FileSystem API.” In the article and associated code, Raymond builds and explains a demo that downloads a zip filled with site assets, unzips them on the client and finally uses the Filesystem API to cache these assets locally for quick loading. It is an interesting proof of concept and, I hope, may spur some further creative uses of this cutting edge HTML5 feature from readers. So, give it a read, you won’t regret it.

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