Get Started with the Ember JavaScript Framework

One thing I think everyone can agree on is that there is no shortage of frameworks for JavaScript. Nevertheless, there still seem to be another new framework announced each week. I’ve even tried to track and categorize hundreds of JavaScript frameworks. In my opinion, when choosing a framework one of the key items to consider is the level of community support. This is especially true if you or your development team are not the type of developers who like to delve into the framework source. In this case, having a strong community of users you can turn to for answers and possibly consulting to resolve any issues you encounter can be invaluable.

While a relatively new framework, being released late 2011, Ember.js has garnered a strong following. This could be, in part, because Ember grew out of the popular SproutCore library and was originally SproutCore 2.0 until Ember creators Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale decided to separate the project. As opposed to the widget focus of SproutCore 1.0, Ember is designed to offer a standard architecture for JavaScript applications and easy view templating.

One person who has become a well-known voice in the Ember community is Andy Matthews. That is why I am very excited that he has written a beginner’s guide to Ember for the ADC. If you are interested in learning about Ember or evaluating architectural frameworks for you and your team, you definitely should check it out.

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