Mobile Development with jQuery Mobile and Rails

Both jQuery Mobile and Ruby on Rails are widely popular frameworks. In part because of the ubiquity of its namesake parent framework, jQuery Mobile has become arguably the most popular framework for building mobile web applications or, in many cases, PhoneGap applications using web standards. Nonetheless, the two frameworks have some rough edges when working together. Thankfully, John Bender shows how all of these rough edges can be smoothed out in his recent article for the ADC.

John is a member of the team here at Adobe that contributes to the development of  jQuery Mobile as well as a well-known speaker and OSS contributor. His article shows how to get your JQM/Rails project set up, manage layout, handle form validation, fix potential data attributes conflicts and work with debugging. He has identified these areas specifically as potential pain points in integration but, hopefully, using this article you will not feel the pain. So, if you are using Rails and jQuery Mobile, be sure to give  John’s article, “Integrating Rails and jQuery Mobile,” a read.

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