Making PhoneGap Apps Behave More Like Native

PhoneGap offers a load of benefits to developers, allowing them to leverage their HTML/CSS/JavaScript development skills to develop cross-platform mobile applications that take advantage of native hardware and OS features. It also allows you to reuse assets and code from existing mobile web applications. However, when creating a PhoneGap application, you don’t want it to look like simply your web page in a native app wrapper but rather to look and behave like an app.

This can be difficult to achieve, but thankfully there are some tools available to help. One of the most recent tools is the App-UI component library created by Adobe developer  evangelist Andrew Trice. This HTML/JS library creates an application container that follow common mobile application UI patterns including ViewNavigator, SplitViewNavigator and SlidingView and include methods for pushing and popping views.

If you are interested in learning more about the App-UI library, Andrew has written a great tutorial that shows you how to build a movie listing app using the Rotten Tomatoes API and working with the PhoneGap Build service for generating the native files. I was impressed at how easy Andrew has made it to develop native-like apps using this framework. Check out Andrew’s article, “Creating native-like user experiences in PhoneGap with App-UI,” on the ADC.

One Response to Making PhoneGap Apps Behave More Like Native

  1. Rananjay says:

    Best thing about phonegap is it allows mobile developers to leverage existing skills like html and css without moving into device specific compiled language like objective-c and above all its open source.