Look Under the Hood of Adobe Brackets

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Adobe Brackets, it is an open-source code editor created by Adobe and hosted on GitHub. While you can download early experimental builds on Brackets, it is early and not everyone may find it yet has all the features they want for every day use. Nonetheless, the team, with the help of an array of contributors from the community, is progressing quickly with new builds and new features.

One of the most exciting things about Brackets is not just that it is open-source but that it is built entirely using web standards technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This means that you can actually edit Brackets using Brackets (which I find very meta). More importantly, this also means that anyone with those skills can potentially contribute to the project, create their own extensions and help guide the future of the program. If you are interested in contributing or just curious about how Brackets is built, I highly recommend reading David Deraedt’s new article “An Overview of Brackets’ Code Architecture.” It walks you through how Brackets’ code is organized, some of the conventions used, how it leverages RequireJS for modules and much more. It is both instructional in the sense of seeing how a large scale open source project using web standards is architected but also invaluable if you are interested in digging into the code. So, please, take a moment to check out the article.

One Response to Look Under the Hood of Adobe Brackets

  1. Frank Krul says:

    Hi, thanks for posting this. This is a bold and brave move that can compromise your legacy toolset products, and it really shows how Adobe is leading the march towards adoption of Web standards without compromise. First Flex, then Phonegap, now Brackets…great job.