An in-depth look at CSS3 Transitions

If you are a web designer or front-end developer using HTML and CSS, it’s likely you have heard of Louis Lazaris. Even if you don’t recognize the name, you have probably at some point referenced one of the many posts on his blog, Impressive Webs, or other well-known publications. So, I am very happy that the ADC has published a contribution by Louis covering the topic of CSS3 transitions titled “Using CSS3 transitions: A comprehensive guide.” As the title indicates, this is a great tutorial and reference for creating and triggering animations using various CSS transitions. Louis covers the syntax for building transitions via your stylesheets, then discusses various ways for triggering transitions, offers some useful tips and techniques and discusses the current state of browser support. If you are new to using transitions, this is a great “how to” and if you have already used transitions, I think it still makes a perfect reference.

So, please, check out Louis’ article and, as always, feel free to share your feedback.

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