Creating Native-like PhoneGap Apps

A few months ago I was lucky enough to attend PhoneGap Day in Portland. I saw a lot of great presentations, but a presentation by Greg Avola, creator of Untappd, really stood out. He was discussing some difficult lessons he learned while creating his popular app for a variety of platforms using PhoneGap. While he praised PhoneGap for making it easy to develop for multiple platforms using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, he also encountered a number of places where gaining the user experience and performance he wanted required some tweaks. These were hard-won lessons and Greg’s goal was to help other developers avoid some of the difficulties he faced.

While Greg’s presentation was great, I really felt that it was important enough to deserve a wider audience than just those able to attend PhoneGap Day. Thankfully, Greg agreed to turn his presentation into an article for the Adobe Developer Connection. Yesterday, we published Greg’s article “Creating apps with PhoneGap: Lessons learned” and if you are already doing PhoneGap development or are interested in it, I’d call it a “must read.” As always, feel free to share your feedback.

One Response to Creating Native-like PhoneGap Apps

  1. I already tried Untappd. This is a good example for PhoneGap-based application. I agree that we have to optimize HTML/CSS/JS in PhoneGap-based application to get better performance.

    After Mark’s speech about Facebook and HTML5, I think we should make clear and right information to public. A lot of people just read the headline and get wrong point.