Best of 2012 article & tutorial list

While there are still a couple months left in 2012, I wanted to post some of our highest rated/trafficked content pieces that the Adobe Developer Connection has published in 2012.  There is some top notch content in the list below thanks to our terrific community authors who continue to donate their time to write tutorials for the larger development community.

Which piece is your favorite??

PhoneGap content:

JavaScript fundamentals & frameworks:

Web standards:

Flash Professional CS6:

Designing for multiple screens:


Happy reading & happy coding!

3 Responses to Best of 2012 article & tutorial list

  1. Bill Perters says:

    2012, Adobe’s Year of Gaming and No gaming links? Crazy.

  2. Edward Sullivan says:

    Hi Bill — this was by no means a comprehensive list. Please see the links below for our gaming content.

  3. riyas says:

    Awesome list. Thanks