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Updated: Facebook Developer Center on the ADC

Adobe just released a major update to the Adobe ActionScript 3 SDK for Facebook Platform (formerly: ActionScript 3 Client Library for Facebook Platform API). Developed by and fully supported by Facebook and Adobe, this class library facilitates the development of Flash Platform applications that communicate with Facebook using the Graph API. To help you get started, we also posted new and updated resources in the Adobe Developer Connection, including two new inspirational showcase examples: FIFA Superstars (developed by Playfish) and Glee Your Life (developed by Trailer Park, Inc. for FOX Home Entertainment).

To understand the technologies behind these applications and the types of applications you can build and how they communicate with your server and Facebook, refer to the Technology overview and the Architecture overview articles.

To get started with this new API, watch Alan Greenblatt’s overview video, and then step through Jeanette Stallons’s four-part tutorial series on Creating your first Flex and Facebook application, which covers building applications that you can deploy to the desktop, browser, and

To jumpstart your development, we’ve also included 13 updated and new code samples for you to explore and reuse.

Check it out: Download the new ActionScript 3 SDK for Facebook Platform from Google Code, check out the new resources in the Facebook Developer Center and be sure to provide us with feedback and participate in the discussions on this new API.

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Announcing Business Catalyst Developer Center

Today we launched the new Business Catalyst Developer Center. Business Catalyst is an online business platform that integrates a set of essential web features into one hosted application. Website hosting, content management, e-commerce, e-mail marketing campaigns, and built-in user case management are all rolled into one, so you can build immersive sites and online stores quickly, at a fraction of the normal cost.

To learn more about this new hosted application, check out the following ADC and Adobe TV resources:

Give it a try and let us know what you think about Business Catalyst.

New AIR 1.5 content in the AIR Developer Center

Just in time for MAX 2008, Adobe released the new version of Adobe AIR 1.5, and the AIR Developer Center has a bunch of new content to help you learn about and experience the notable new features in this release, including Pixel Bender effects, 3D transformations, and encrypted local database.

Be sure to check out the new and updated sample applications, including BlackBookSafe (developed by Adobe’s AIR team), Salesbuilder (Christophe Coenraets), Apprise (Christian Cantrell), and 3D Image Browsr (Grant Skinner).

We also added 17 new Quick Start articles for HTML/Ajax, Flex, and Flash developers–to help you jump start your AIR projects.

Finally, O’Reilly released today the Adobe AIR 1.5 Cookbook: more than 100 recipes for building cool AIR apps, and we have a sample chapter for you to check out. Enjoy… and be sure to add your own recipes to the online version of the AIR cookbook.

Show off your AIR dev skills for a chance to win some great prizes

Think you can solve common Adobe AIR related coding problems? Then you qualify for the Adobe AIR Cookbook Cook-off contest, sponsored by O’Reilly Media, to celebrate the upcoming publication of the Adobe AIR Cookbook. During this contest, we invite you to submit your best solutions to common AIR coding challenges for a chance to win a pass to MAX 2008 and some other great prizes. Read the announcement for more details, and be sure to tell your fellow developers about this opportunity.