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CF Cookbook contest winner(s)


That is all I can say…wow. As many of you probably saw, I put the call out to the CF community to hit 100 recipes in this post on Oct 8 and in less than a week, the CF community delivered the goods. I honestly expected it to take the better part of a month or longer to hit the 100 recipe target; less than a week though? That is why the CF community rocks so ridiculously hard.

I am so impressed by the response, that I decided to draw 2 winners from the pool of recipe contributors instead of one — just my small way of thanking you all for the absolutely amazing response.

So, without further ado…the two winning contributors selected at random are:

Dan Switzer and Sameer Gupta. Click on their names to see a list of all their great CF cookbook contributions.

Congratulations guys! Email me at and I’ll get you squared away on receiving your copy of CF 9 Standard.

And please, keep those terrific recipe contributions coming everyone!

Ed Sullivan

ColdFusion Cookbook contest – drive to 100 recipes!

I am calling on all the ColdFusion developers out there to help us reach our goal of having 100 cookbook contributions in the recently launched ColdFusion Cookbook. With the recent release of ColdFusion 9 and the updated beta for ColdFusion Builder, there is lots new to discover!

If you need a reason other than giving back to your fellow CF developers, something you guys already do a remarkable job of (thought a little flattery couldn’t hurt), here it comes…once we reach 100 contributions, we will do a drawing for a copy of ColdFusion 9 (Standard edition) from the pool of authors who helped us hit the 100 recipe mark. If you contributed 2 of the 100 recipes, you would have 2 entries in the raffle; if you contribute 7 of the 100 recipes, you would have 7 entries in the raffle, and so on…

To get maximum exposure for your contributions, be sure to have your community profile updated with all your websites, blogs and social networking sites, as well as a profile picture and bio. To update your community profile, click here, login with your membership ID and then follow the “View your profile” link.

Currently 27 recipes have been posted in the CF Cookbook. In anticipation of getting this question, the authors of those 27 entries are already entered in the raffle, so only 73 more to go!

Don’t dally…get your CF contributions in today!

New Cookbooks application launched!

The Adobe Developer Connection is excited to announce that the brand new Adobe Cookbooks application is now live! This uber Adobe Cookbook application replaces the individual, product-specific cookbook applications that we previously had in place for Flex, AIR and Mobile. The new application will still support those technologies, in addition to a dozen or so additional technologies, all within a single application. For those new to the cookbook applications, they are a searchable repository for community-generated code samples.

You can read more about the new application in this Logged In article on the Adobe Developer Connection.

The new application has an updated design in addition to several new features:

  • Many more products/technologies supported
  • Improved navigation and search
  • Recipe requests – for developers who can’t find the code sample they are looking for
  • Related recipes – that appear in a side bar of all recipe pages
  • Cookbook Explorer – a visual display of top cookbook recipes and contributors
  • New contributor recognition features – profile pics, links to blogs, links to community profiles

Community participation is the backbone of the cookbook application, so whether you are coming to contribute, request or locate a recipe, or comment on and rate existing content, your participation in this community application is greatly appreciated. Contributors should be sure to have their community profiles filled out before publishing any recipes as that is where the application will pull in a lot of the author recognition features. To fill out your community profile, login here and click “View your profile.”

We will be updating the Adobe Cookbook after the initial launch with new features and new functionality. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so after you check out the new Cookbook, please feel free post your comments and suggestions in our Cookbook Feedback Forum.

Additionally, be sure to watch this blog going forward as this is where we will be announcing Cookbook contests and promotions from time to time.

Enjoy the new cookbook application!!

New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Lots of content this week in the Adobe Developer Connection around the recently announced Adobe Flash Platform Services Technology Center. Check out these articles to learn more about how you can enhance, distribute, and monetize applications through Adobe Flash Platform Services.

Web 2.0 architectures: Dissecting examples, modeling, reference architecture, and specific patterns: Understand the core patterns of Web 2.0, coupled with an abstract model and reference architecture, in these chapters from O’Reilly Media.

Loading and saving local files with the FileReference class: Examine a sample application to learn techniques for loading and saving local files in Adobe Flash Player 10.

Building Lupo: A case study in building commercial AIR applications: Find out what it takes to build and release a commercial AIR application from the ground up.

New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Check out what’s new in the Adobe Developer Connection.

Using Pixel Bender with Flash Builder 4 beta as a number crunching engine: Build a real-life number crunching application with Pixel Bender.

Programming with the Vector class: Understand the benefits of using the Vector class in ActionScript 3, such as compile-time type checking and faster code execution.

Prototyping for the Apple iPhone using Fireworks: Make your Fireworks prototype work for the Apple iPhone by implementing the scripts in this sample.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 13: Adding video to the website: Encode video in F4V format and deliver the video to a website with Flash and Dreamweaver.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 14: Creating a blog with InContext Editing: This installation details how to set up a page for browser-based updates with Dreamweaver and InContext Editing.

Design a document review, commenting, and approval workflow using the eSubmissions Solution Accelerator: Create and manage an auditable solution using the LiveCycle eSubmissions Solution Accelerator.

Developer spotlight: Ben Nadel: Meet Ben Nadel, picked for his knowledge of ColdFusion development and his work helping others in the greater developer community via his Ask Ben blog.

New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Check out all the new content just launched in the Adobe Developer Connection.

Also, be sure to visit the brand spanking new Adobe TV site. The new site is excellent. And while you’re there, check out the Adobe Developer Connection’s channel, The ADC Presents.

Now, on to the content:

Integrating Flash Builder 4 beta with other Adobe products: Learn how to use Flash Builder 4 beta with four other Adobe products.

Augmented reality using a webcam and Flash (republished from the Edge newsletter): This article takes a look at augmented reality, its current uses, and its future potential. Then you’ll dig in and see how to apply this exciting technology using Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Flash Player 10, and a webcam.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 11: Creating an interactive web form: In this part you complete the following tasks:

  • Turn the home page into a data entry form that lets users select one or more data item (in this case, from a list of tours).
  • Create a PHP page that uses the form request functionality to query and display data from a MySQL database on the server.
  • Integrate a bit of intermediate PHP code to handle complex form requests.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 12: Creating and presenting a Flash animation: In this part you’ll complete the following tasks:

  • Create an interactive Flash animation that uses some of the new automated tweening features in Flash CS4 and a bit of ActionScript 3.0 code.
  • Publish the Flash animation.
  • Create a new web page that presents the Flash content.

Creating a WordPress theme with Dreamweaver – Part 3: Building a custom home page: Build a custom WordPress home page theme with featured posts.

Solving business needs with Adobe InContext Editing: Find out how InContext Editing can add value to your business.

Three demos of exporting CSS and images from Fireworks CS4: Watch these three video presentations to create and organize a website design in Fireworks for exporting to Dreamweaver.

Adding SMS, fax, e-mail, and voice notifications to LiveCycle ES processes: Use PGi components and LiveCycle ES to build communications-enabled business processes.

New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Several new articles just launched on the Adobe Developer Connection.

Enterprise Development with Flex book excerpt – Performance improvements: Use small Flash modules, application libraries, and runtime shared libraries.

Caching in ColdFusion 9 beta: Understand the new functionality of the caching feature.

Web video template: Dynamic video playlist: Learn how to publish multiple videos on the same web page–without authoring a new SWF for each one.

Five demos of Flash CS4 Professional: Follow these short presentations to get up to speed with timelines, symbols, instances, buttons, Motion Editor, ActionScript, and more.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 9: Presenting dynamic data: Convert a static web page into a dynamic PHP page that incorporates data from a MySQL database.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 10: Adding Ajax functionality with Spry: In this part of the series, you’ll complete the following tasks:

  • Create a PHP page that queries and returns data from a MySQL database in XML format.
  • Create a PHP page that retrieves and presents the data dynamically using the Spry framework for Ajax

Create a WordPress theme with Dreamweaver – Part 2: Applying theme tweaks: Customize the look of your WordPress theme with Dreamweaver.

Live dynamic streaming and digital video recording: This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up a dynamic streaming environment without writing any code.

ADC Write and Give Program donates $2,600 in Q3 of 2009

The Adobe Developer Connection (ADC) Write and Give Program gave $2,600 USD to charities in the third quarter of 2009. The program acknowledges the writing efforts of our ADC community authors by giving US$100 to a charity for each author’s published article on the ADC. Each author chooses his or her charity from a list of five preselected charities (listed below).

To date the ADC has donated over $36,000 to these charities in recognition of our ADC authors. To our ADC authors, we thank you for sharing your technical expertise with the greater developer community while helping other communities at the same time!

Read on to find out more about the charities that the program supports, and to see the list of authors for this quarter who made these contributions possible!

* Benetech: Creates new technology solutions that serve humanity and empower people to improve their lives.

* Nature Conservancy: Works around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

* Mercy Corp: Alleviates suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities.

* Care: Fights global poverty by serving individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world.

* Feeding America: Is the nation’s largest charitable hunger-relief organization.

The authors who participated in this program from June 1, 2009 – August 31, 2009 are:

• Michael Bierman
• Chris Carlton
• Tanya Heins
• David Gassner
• Tommi West
• Murray Summers
• Chris Converse
• Mark Mandel
• David Flatley
• Eric Owens
• Jon Rose
• Ryan Knight
• Dan Carr
• Richard Leggett
• Tom Green
• Simon Free
• Matt Sheehan
• Nicholas Tunney

Thank you, authors, for your contributions to the ADC!

New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

The Adobe Developer Connection has been updated with a lot of new content:

Adobe Flash Catalyst best practices: Follow these hints and tips to help move design assets from Illustrator to Flash Catalyst in a structured way.

A survey of Inversion of Control frameworks for Flex: Compare popular dependency injection frameworks for Flex.

Create your first Facebook AIR application with Flex: Learn to build a Facebook AIR application with Flex in 40 minutes.

Building extensions for Adobe ColdFusion Builder beta: Learn the basics of creating your own extensions for ColdFusion Builder beta.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 7: Finalizing and reviewing the home page: Learn how to finalize the home page of the AdventureTours site by completing the following tasks:

* Create a Photoshop Smart Object to facilitate editing the banner graphic of the home page.
* Add placeholder links to the top and bottom navigation text.
* Use the Adobe BrowserLab service to check how different browsers render the page.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 8: Creating the database: In this tutorial, you complete the following tasks:

* Create a MySQL database and define its data structure
* Connect to the database from within Dreamweaver

Creating a WordPress theme with Dreamweaver – Part 1: Learning the basics: Lay the groundwork for building your own WordPress theme in Dreamweaver.

Learning Flash CS4 Professional: Help master the new motion editor, integrated 3D system, and character control with the new inverse kinematics animation system.

Search engine optimization for Flash: Learn best practices for building websites with SWF content that will stand tall in search rankings.

Easy animation with the Motion Editor in Flash: Learn how to quickly tune motions, transformations, color effects, and more in Flash.

New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Lots new in the Adobe Developer Connection this week:

Five great new features in Flash Builder 4 beta: Learn about the five highly anticipated and valuable additions to the product.

An iterative approach to the designer-developer workflow: Effectively communicate the iterative model used in development and design among your teams.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 5: Slicing and exporting site assets with Fireworks: Learn how to bring a design from Photoshop into Fireworks and export it as a CSS layout.

Building a website with Web Premium CS4 – Part 6: Adding styles to finalize the page design: Learn how to add formatting styles and apply them to specific HTML tags and create custom classes to add rules that will affect elements that reoccur on the page.

Setting up a Fireworks web design mock-up for CSS and images export: Prepare a website mock-up in Fireworks, review a sample design’s structure, and optimize the exported CSS/HTML code.

Navigating the SOA open standards landscape around architecture
(PDF, 1.1M): This document explains and positions architectural standards for SOA reference models and ontologies, reference architectures, maturity models, SOA modeling languages, and open standards work related to the topic of SOA governance.

In the Developer Spotlight: Artemy Malkov: Meet our most recent developer in the spotlight, Artemy Malkov.