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Dynamic stream switching

Dynamic bit rate switching is a pretty important concept to get right when your business hinges on delivering high-quality video to paying customers.


David Hassoun (plus his team at RealEyes Media) provides an overview of the concepts involved in dynamic stream switching of Flash video using Flash Media Server 3. Use this technique to take into account varying network conditions that your users may encounter while viewing streaming content.

Popeye for President

Lisa Larson-Kelley has updated her very popular Flash video template of a dynamic video playlist that allows both streaming and progressive delivery of your video to a customizable player.

Why Popeye? Find out why. (Go Spinach Party, go!)

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New Adobe Media Player Developer Center

Adobe Media Player (“don’t call it AMP!”) was unleashed a couple days ago and — to support the product’s debut — we launched a developer center to facilitate the “behind the scenes” coding you can do with Adobe Media Player. It’s not exactly a developer tool, but Adobe Media Player runs on RSS feeds that you can play with. (Hey, it’s also an Adobe AIR application — that’s pretty cool.)


Check out the new Adobe Media Player Developer Center to learn about the new desktop media player and understand how it consumes Media RSS feeds. You can also download the Content Developer Kit. It’s a big PDF file now but we will be producing excerpts on the website over the coming days.

Announcing Flash Media Rights Management Server

Flash Media Rights Management Server. FMRMS. It’s a mouthful but it’s an important piece of the puzzle when posting media online and allowing people to view it but not steal it and call it their own.

Desiree Motamedi, senior product marketing manager for Flash Media Server, writes a high-level overview of FMRMS; and Laurel Reitman, senior product manager for Flash Media Server Services, writes about content protection options with Flash Media Rights Management Server.

Of course, sharing media freely may be just what you want, and that’s what Creative Commons is for. But if you want to prevent people from profiting from any media that you don’t license under Creative Commons, then FMRMS might be worth a look.

New video technology center launched

Sometimes what’s important is not a matter of posting new material on the Adobe Developer Connection but simply (simply?) reorganizing what’s already there, so that people can find what they’re looking for. Such is the case with our video-related articles, which for the most part have lived in the Flash Developer Center. That made sense when Flash MX Professional 2004 supported video better than ever.

These days, however, video isn’t always about the Flash authoring tool, so we moved that material out of /devnet/flash/ and into its own site: The Video Technology Center. Check it out!


The Video Technology Center puts the ever-popular Flash Video Learning Guide at the center. Major topic areas branch off from there.

If you work with video on the web — whether planning a video project, encoding FLVs, delivering video, using audio, or whatever — what resources do you need most? Are you getting what you need from or do you go elsewhere for helpful information about web video?

What’s new about FMS 3

After we launched some new articles to support the recent release of Flash Media Server 3, I sat down with the product manager and asked him to talk plainly about what’s was so special about FMS 3. Kevin Towes obliged and now you can see the video on the home page of the FMS Developer Center.

Kevin Towes video