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Creating games on the Adobe Flash Platform

The Adobe Flash Platform is the leading platform in the world for developing games on the web. The Flash Platform Game Technology Center is a great place to start learning how to develop your very own Flash games. Additionally, several articles have been posted recently to the Adobe Developer Connection on the topic of game development that are great resources for developers creating games on the Flash Platform.

Danielle Deibler, a senior engineering manager at Adobe, wrote an article to introduce developers to the Flash Platform Game Technology Center. It is a great read as she discusses the tools for building games, the runtimes for rendering games and even touches on some of the new Flash Platform services being offered to assist developers in not only deploying their games, but also monetizing them.

Next, Nick Avgerinos, a senior systems engineer at Adobe, put out a terrific piece to provide an introduction to some of the many different Adobe technologies that you can use to build great games, in an attempt to break down some of the technologies and terminologies used in the Flash Platform to help new developers make sense of it all.

Finally, there are two articles that go into depth on using a technique called “blitting”. First Renaun Erickson (a recent addition to the Adobe Platform Evangelist team) demonstrates in his article how you can give your games a performance boost by using blitting techniques and Flash Builder 4. Then, Michael James Williams follows up with an article that delves into some more advanced blitting techniques and caching.

SWFs indexed without lifting a finger

Today there’s some big news for RIA developers and folks who blog about Flash SEO: Google and Yahoo! now have optimized Adobe Flash Player technology to enhance search engine indexing of SWF files. The implemented solution works with all existing SWF content, across all versions of the SWF file format. Best of all, developers don’t have to do anything to their published SWFs for them to be indexed. Read the FAQ to find out more.


Adobe Flash Player 9 security white paper released

It’s hard to believe that Flash Player 9 was released nearly two years ago. Along with it came a white paper that focused on the security-relevant features of the Flash Player client runtime, including those introduced in earlier versions of the product. Today the Flash Player team updated it for the security model implemented in Flash Player 9 April 2008 Security Update (version 9,0,124,0). This updated white paper includes a revised “website controls” section that addresses the recent changes to policy files and header sending permissions.

Flash Player 9 April 2008 Security Update

Adobe released a security update for Flash Player 9 (Flash Player 9,0,124,0) on April 8, 2008, to strengthen the security of Adobe Flash Player. If you work with SWF content, you are strongly advised to review the article, Understanding Flash Player 9 April 2008 Security Update compatibility, to determine if your SWF content will be impacted — and to begin implementing necessary changes immediately to help ensure a seamless transition.

Please comment (nicely 😉 if there are any issues unaddressed in this article and I’ll forward it to the Flash Player team so they can follow up and update this article.

ActionScript reference for RIA development

Mike Chambers and Frog Design have done an excellent job compiling an alphabetical reference for all native ActionScript APIs for the Adobe technology platform runtimes: Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR, as well as the Adobe Flex framework APIs.


Use this guide both as an API reference and a tool to learn about the ActionScript APIs available within the runtimes. Mike says that this document is released under a Creative Commons license (people can redistribute, edit, and print). You could probably even have the source Adobe InDesign file if you wanted it. It’ll definitely be handed out at conferences — and maybe even the on AIR Tour now crisscrossing Europe.

Prepare for the Flash Player 9 April 2008 Security Update

April is just around the corner and so is a planned security update for Flash Player 9 to strengthen the security of the ubiquitous player. To ensure a seamless transition to the update, which may impact SWF content, check out Preparing for the Flash Player 9 April 2008 Security Update. This document provides an overview of the upcoming Flash Player changes, links to TechNotes, and relevant documentation to help you better prepare.