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Adobe Cookbooks recipe drive – extended

After rolling out the CF recipe drive a few weeks back, I received a lot of feedback from community members who were contributing Flex, ActionScript and Flash code recipes to the Cookbook. Their feedback can be succinctly boiled down to, “Hey, what about us? We like t-shirts too!”

You want it? You got it! This post is to officially extend the recipe drive to include contributions made to the Flex Cookbook, the ActionScript Cookbook and the Flash Cookbook.

Not sure what the Adobe Cookbooks is? It is a repository for community generated code samples that offer fellow developers coding tips & tricks, workarounds and solutions to specific development challenges. If you are still uncertain as to what the Adobe Cookbooks are all about, or what a code recipe should look like, take a peek at this recipe to get a better idea.

For the entire month of November, EVERY person who contributes a code recipe to the one of the Cookbooks above will receive an ADC branded t-shirt. If you contribute two recipes in that time frame, yes, you will receive two shirts!

How do you collect your shirt, you ask? Simple: drop me an email <esulliva at adobe dot com> with the link to your recipe contribution, your preferred t-shirt size and your mailing address/phone. That’s it…you’re done!

But wait…we’re not done yet. Whoever submits the most recipes during the contest duration will receive an ADC-branded Timbuk2 bag that will contain some additional yummy surprises in it.

One final word: please don’t rush over to the cookbook and submit a bunch of a half-baked code recipes just to get a t-shirt. That’s not going to help anyone. If you really need a t-shirt that bad, email me <esulliva at adobe dot com> and I may take pity on you.

If you have any questions on the recipe drive or the cookbook application itself, don’t hesitate to drop me a note <esulliva at adobe dot com>.

I am looking forward to seeing some great code contributions from the community…happy coding!

Updated: Facebook Developer Center on the ADC

Adobe just released a major update to the Adobe ActionScript 3 SDK for Facebook Platform (formerly: ActionScript 3 Client Library for Facebook Platform API). Developed by and fully supported by Facebook and Adobe, this class library facilitates the development of Flash Platform applications that communicate with Facebook using the Graph API. To help you get started, we also posted new and updated resources in the Adobe Developer Connection, including two new inspirational showcase examples: FIFA Superstars (developed by Playfish) and Glee Your Life (developed by Trailer Park, Inc. for FOX Home Entertainment).

To understand the technologies behind these applications and the types of applications you can build and how they communicate with your server and Facebook, refer to the Technology overview and the Architecture overview articles.

To get started with this new API, watch Alan Greenblatt’s overview video, and then step through Jeanette Stallons’s four-part tutorial series on Creating your first Flex and Facebook application, which covers building applications that you can deploy to the desktop, browser, and

To jumpstart your development, we’ve also included 13 updated and new code samples for you to explore and reuse.

Check it out: Download the new ActionScript 3 SDK for Facebook Platform from Google Code, check out the new resources in the Facebook Developer Center and be sure to provide us with feedback and participate in the discussions on this new API.

Michael Koch
Adobe Developer Connection

Adobe is sponsoring ZendCon 2010

Just a quick FYI that Adobe is sponsoring the upcoming ZendCon 2010.

ZendCon, the premier PHP conference, will be held in Santa Clara, CA from November 1st – 4th. Adobe Platform Evangelist, Ryan Stewart, will be speaking on utilizing ActionScript coming from a PHP background. You’ll learn how to architect complex applications built using Flex and ActionScript in his session on November 3rd at 2:45pm.

Click here to see more information and to register.

Announcing Cube Builder, a Flex Facebook game

Come check out Cube Builder, a new Facebook game where developers can show off their Flash Builder and Adobe Flex knowledge, build wacky cubicles, and compete for top slots on the leader board.

Answer trivia questions, test your Flex knowledge and try out the arcade game feature as you earn cool items to populate your cube with.

There is plenty of room atop the leader board, so come see where you stack up!

New for you at ADC: Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 learning resources

The wait is over and the secret is out — today Adobe announced the release of Flash Builder 4 (previously Flex Builder) and the open source Flex 4 framework.

To help you get started with these versions, the ADC has prepared new and updated resources for everyone. Be sure to read the articles What’s new in Flash Builder 4 and What’s new in Flex 4 to see how you can benefit from the new features of the latest releases.

For those of you who are considering moving from Flex 3 to Flex 4, the article Differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 is a good reference.

Experienced web developers curious about Flex should definitely try our new Flex Test Drive to see what it takes to build an app in one hour and explore other things you can easily do with Flex and Flash Builder. If you’re serious about learning to use Flash Builder and Flex, you’ll want to try our updated Flex in a Week video training course. Also Tour de Flex is updated for Flex 4 now with tons of new samples.

If you are coming to Flex from ColdFusion, Java, PHP, or .NET, we also have good news for you. We have redesigned our Flex integration centers for ColdFusion, Java, PHP, and .NET with new and updated content that caters to your specific technical background.

Finally, if you are inspired by the software and our learning resources and want to contribute to Adobe Developer Connection, don’t hesitate to send us your proposals or share tips and tricks with your peers in the Flex cookbook.

Enjoy Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4!

Creating games on the Adobe Flash Platform

The Adobe Flash Platform is the leading platform in the world for developing games on the web. The Flash Platform Game Technology Center is a great place to start learning how to develop your very own Flash games. Additionally, several articles have been posted recently to the Adobe Developer Connection on the topic of game development that are great resources for developers creating games on the Flash Platform.

Danielle Deibler, a senior engineering manager at Adobe, wrote an article to introduce developers to the Flash Platform Game Technology Center. It is a great read as she discusses the tools for building games, the runtimes for rendering games and even touches on some of the new Flash Platform services being offered to assist developers in not only deploying their games, but also monetizing them.

Next, Nick Avgerinos, a senior systems engineer at Adobe, put out a terrific piece to provide an introduction to some of the many different Adobe technologies that you can use to build great games, in an attempt to break down some of the technologies and terminologies used in the Flash Platform to help new developers make sense of it all.

Finally, there are two articles that go into depth on using a technique called “blitting”. First Renaun Erickson (a recent addition to the Adobe Platform Evangelist team) demonstrates in his article how you can give your games a performance boost by using blitting techniques and Flash Builder 4. Then, Michael James Williams follows up with an article that delves into some more advanced blitting techniques and caching.

Get involved! Adobe Cookbook – Recipe Requests

The Adobe Cookbooks application is your one-stop shop for finding and sharing community generated code samples. One of the great new features of the recently re-designed Cookbooks application is the recipe request feature. This allows users who cannot locate their desired code sample to put out a request for it to other community members. Additionally, fellow community members can vote for specific requests so that users can determine at a glance which requests are the most popular.

A list of recipe requests can be seen on the home page for each of the technologies that the Adobe Cookbooks support. Currently, the Flex Cookbook has the most unanswered recipe requests. You can also easily stay current on the queue of requests by subscribing to the uber RSS feed, or you can get notified of requests for specific technologies like Flex.

And while answering a recipe request won’t bring you fame and fortune, it will give you:

  • The opportunity to have the request you addressed featured in the Adobe Developer Connection
  • That warm fuzzy feeling you get from assisting your fellow developers
  • The potential to have your recipe included in an upcoming version of the O’Reilly Flex Cookbook
  • Visibility on via the Adobe Cookbook recognition features for contributors

Also, for a limited time, every person who addresses a recipe request will be sent a free copy of the Getting Started with Flex 3 Pocket Guide. Just email Ed Sullivan with a link to the recipe request you plan on addressing and then after you publish it, just sit back and wait for your book to arrive!

So if you know how to create a simple shopping cart with Flex 3, what are you waiting for?!

Flex cookbook recipe silent auction!

The Adobe Developer Connection is holding a silent auction for Flex cookbook recipe contributions. The rules are simple. We will be accepting recipe contribution bids for the Flex cookbook until midnight ET tomorrow. Whoever submits the highest bid (in other words whoever pledges to contribute the most cookbook recipes) will be the winner. The winner will have 30 days to contribute their recipes, at which point they will be sent one of those snazzy Timbuk2 bags.

All bids need to be sent to by midnight ET on Thursday (8/20) to be considered.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to give back to the Flex community while taking home a spiffy bag! Here is a peek at the bag for inspiration!

UPDATE: there is a very good chance that the bag may be packed with some yummy Flex goodness as well!

August Flex Cookbook recipe drawing

For the month of August, every single cookbook recipe contributed to the Flex Cookbook will be entered into an end-of-month drawing for some terrific giveaways. The more recipes you contribute, the more entries you will have in the drawing.

There will be one prize added to the monthly drawing for every 10 recipes contributed; so if there are 10 contributions posted in August then there will be one prize drawing. If there are 20 recipes contributed there will be two prize drawings, etc. That means that one out of every 10 contributors is guaranteed a prize.

What are the prizes you ask? Good question, because the prizes for this drawing absolutely rock. If things like an Adobe branded Timbuk2 bag, an iPod or a copy of Flex Builder 3 Professional pique your interest, then start contributing your Flex recipes post haste!

Meet the Flex Cookbook Moderators

It is with great pleasure that I introduce our team of volunteers who will be acting as community moderators for the Flex cookbook.

• Michelle Yaiser; @MichelleYaiser
• Mykola Bilokonsky; @mykola
• Romke de Haan; @romke
• Chetan K. Sachdev; @cksachdev
• Russ Ferguson; @asciibn

I have include their Twitter IDs, so feel free to follow them.

Moderators will perform several functions with regards to the Flex cookbook. They’ll be assisting in vetting recipes that get submitted, in addition to helping drive awareness and community contributions for the cookbook. So if you contribute, expect to see one of them drop a comment or two on your recipe!!

Please join me in welcoming these folks as well as thanking them for making time to ensure that the Flex cookbook is a great community resource.