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Launched: Adobe Developer Connection (ADC) feedback site

Today the Adobe Developer Connection launched a dedicated community feedback site.  The site is strictly for feedback on future content topics that our developers would like to see coming out of Adobe, with two main goals:

  1. Enable community members to submit ideas for future content topics that fellow community members can then vote up or down so we can evaluate the level of interest the community has in seeing the content around that topic
  2. Gauge audience interest in future content topics by posing the occasional poll question to the community

Community members are strongly encouraged to get involved in the feedback site by:

  • submitting an idea of your own
  • voting/commenting on the ideas submitted by others
  • providing input on a poll question

This input will play a pivotal role as future content strategies and topics are developed, so it is important to let your voice be heard!

Additionally, members of the ADC team will submit ideas of their own from time to time to solicit feedback on specific topics to gauge if it is something the community would find value in.  So again, your feedback is encouraged to help us vet ideas and be sure we are producing the content that best serves our communities.

The ADC team seeded the site with some initial content ideas and polls that we’d love to hear from you on:

Server Side JavaScript (idea) – I am interested in whether people would want to see articles and coverage on ADC of server-side JavaScript solutions like Node.js?

Mobile game development (idea) – Are you interested in articles or tutorials about developing mobile games?

Which game engines and frameworks do you use? (poll) – When developing a game, do you use any engines or frameworks?

You may view all current ideas listed here and all active polls are available here.

We are also looking for authors who are interested in writing articles around some of the ideas submitted, so if you see a popular idea that you’d like to explore writing on, please drop us an email to let us know.

Help us help you…get involved and provide some feedback today!

Ed Sullivan
Adobe Developer Connection

NOTE: anyone can view the site, but you must be logged in to the forums before you can submit an idea, vote on a poll or leave a comment.

New for you at ADC: Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 learning resources

The wait is over and the secret is out — today Adobe announced the release of Flash Builder 4 (previously Flex Builder) and the open source Flex 4 framework.

To help you get started with these versions, the ADC has prepared new and updated resources for everyone. Be sure to read the articles What’s new in Flash Builder 4 and What’s new in Flex 4 to see how you can benefit from the new features of the latest releases.

For those of you who are considering moving from Flex 3 to Flex 4, the article Differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 is a good reference.

Experienced web developers curious about Flex should definitely try our new Flex Test Drive to see what it takes to build an app in one hour and explore other things you can easily do with Flex and Flash Builder. If you’re serious about learning to use Flash Builder and Flex, you’ll want to try our updated Flex in a Week video training course. Also Tour de Flex is updated for Flex 4 now with tons of new samples.

If you are coming to Flex from ColdFusion, Java, PHP, or .NET, we also have good news for you. We have redesigned our Flex integration centers for ColdFusion, Java, PHP, and .NET with new and updated content that caters to your specific technical background.

Finally, if you are inspired by the software and our learning resources and want to contribute to Adobe Developer Connection, don’t hesitate to send us your proposals or share tips and tricks with your peers in the Flex cookbook.

Enjoy Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4!