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ColdFusion Cookbook recipe drive

Contributions to the ColdFusion Cookbook have been sparse as of late, so I wanted to see what I could do to jump-start some recipe contributions.

You may be asking yourself, “what is the ColdFusion Cookbook?”  In short, it is a repository for community generated code samples that offer fellow developers CF-focused coding tips & tricks, workarounds and solutions to specific development challenges.  If you are still uncertain as to what the ColdFusion Cookbook is, or what a CF code recipe should look like, take a peek at this recipe to get a better sense.

Now let’s move on to the gory details of the recipe drive!

From Sep 20 – Oct 18 EVERY person who contributes a code recipe to the ColdFusion Cookbook will receive an ADC branded t-shirt.  If you contribute two recipes in that time frame, yes, you will receive two shirts!

How do you collect your shirt, you ask?  Simple: drop me an email <esulliva at adobe dot com> with the link to your recipe contribution, your preferred t-shirt size and your mailing address/phone.  That’s it…you’re done!

But wait…there’s more.  Whoever submits the most recipes during the contest duration will receive an ADC-branded Timbuk2 bag that will contain some additional yummy surprises in it.

Ready to start submitting?  Well we’re not quite done yet!  At the end of the submission period, we will be choosing the top 5 recipe submissions and putting them out to a community vote to determine who submitted the best recipe.  That individual will be awarded a copy of ColdFusion 9 Std!

When I said “we” will be choosing the 5 finalist to put to vote, I was not speaking in terms of the “royal we”; I have enlisted the help of some CF heavyweights to assist in determining the list of recipe finalists.  You may even know a few of them.  Without further ado, I introduce our esteemed panel of judges:

  1. Raymond Camden – While Ray is probably best known for his love of all things Star Wars, he has also been known to dabble in ColdFusion from time to time.  If you know CF, you know Ray.  Give him a follow on Twitter, or check out his blog.
  2. Terry Ryan – A long time CF’er, Terry is now a Platform Evangelist here at Adobe and is constantly on the road speaking to customers and presenting at various industry events.  You can stay current on Terry’s travels and see what he is up to on his blog and by checking out his Twitter account.
  3. Kevin Schmidt – An unabashed Colts fan, Kevin has been in the CF community for about as long as I can remember as either a user group manager or an Adobe Community Professional.  Kevin recently joined the Mothership as a Solutions Engineer focused on LiveCycle and Flex.  Be sure to follow Kevin’s escapades on his blog and give him a follow on Twitter.

One final word: please don’t rush over to the cookbook and submit a bunch of a half-baked code recipes just to get a t-shirt.  That’s not going to help anyone.  If you really need a t-shirt that bad, email me <esulliva at adobe dot com> and I may take pity on you.  I really hated to even bring this topic up, but the last recipe drive I did resulted in only a handful of top notch contributions and way too many incorrect or incomplete code recipes, which really dilutes the value of the Adobe Cookbooks.

OK, finally…that’s it!  So come share some code with the CF community and get yourself a cool t-shirt.  Or share a bunch of ColdFusion code recipes and take a shot at getting the Timbuk2 bag full of Adobe goodness.  And who knows…maybe your recipe will be selected as one of the 5 finalists and you’ll grab that copy of CF 9 Std!!

If you have any questions on the recipe drive or the cookbook application itself, don’t hesitate to drop me a note <esulliva at adobe dot com>.

Happy coding!

Adobe Cookbooks – Update Released!

Today we released an update to the Adobe Cookbooks application based on the feedback we have received from users. If you would like to provide us with your feedback, please visit our short survey.

As far as the updates released, cookbook users will now find:

  • An update to the code editor to make formatting your code samples easier and more legible
  • Auto-save when creating recipes so users don’t have to worry about losing work
  • Preview button so contributors can check their recipes prior to publishing
  • The ability to comment on recipe requests so other users can ask clarifying questions if necessary before attempting to address the request
  • More granular breadcrumb trails to assist users in navigating through the application

We have many more updates planned and want your help in driving new features and improvements, so if you are a cookbook user or contributor, be sure to let us know your thoughts.

Adobe Cookbooks – Contributor Spotlight

I wanted to take a moment to highlight a few cookbook contributors who have been extremely active in the Adobe Cookbooks lately.

Elad Elrom: Elad is a rising star of the Flash development world. He brings a fresh perspective, a strong background, and an inherent knack for the more subtle aspects of the Flash platform. The author of several books, Elad has also been invited to be a member of the Adobe Community Professional program. Additionally, he is one of the organizers of the upcoming Flash And The City event. Recently Elad has contributed a bunch of excellent cookbook recipes focusing on AIR 2; check them out!

David Powers: If you are part of the Dreamweaver or PHP communities then the name David Powers is probably not unfamiliar to you. David is constantly out there assisting the community and is also a member of the Adobe Community Professional program. David is also the author of several best-selling books about Dreamweaver and PHP, including “The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS4 with CSS, Ajax, and PHP“, “PHP Solutions“, and “PHP Object-Oriented Solutions“. David has recently been making quite a splash in the Adobe Cookbooks with his recipe contributions. You can see a list of his recipe contributions here.

Sergey Landar: Sergey is a relative newcomer to the scene. He has 5 years of experience in UI for the web and has recently started picking up ActionScript to expand his skillset. Sergey has contributed over 40 cookbook recipes over the past several months, sharing tips and tricks with the community as he picks them up in the course of his learning. Be sure to check out his impressive list of recipes.

A big thank you to Elad, David and Sergey! It is folks like you who continue to make the Adobe Cookbooks a great resource for the community.

ColdFusion Cookbook contest – drive to 100 recipes!

I am calling on all the ColdFusion developers out there to help us reach our goal of having 100 cookbook contributions in the recently launched ColdFusion Cookbook. With the recent release of ColdFusion 9 and the updated beta for ColdFusion Builder, there is lots new to discover!

If you need a reason other than giving back to your fellow CF developers, something you guys already do a remarkable job of (thought a little flattery couldn’t hurt), here it comes…once we reach 100 contributions, we will do a drawing for a copy of ColdFusion 9 (Standard edition) from the pool of authors who helped us hit the 100 recipe mark. If you contributed 2 of the 100 recipes, you would have 2 entries in the raffle; if you contribute 7 of the 100 recipes, you would have 7 entries in the raffle, and so on…

To get maximum exposure for your contributions, be sure to have your community profile updated with all your websites, blogs and social networking sites, as well as a profile picture and bio. To update your community profile, click here, login with your membership ID and then follow the “View your profile” link.

Currently 27 recipes have been posted in the CF Cookbook. In anticipation of getting this question, the authors of those 27 entries are already entered in the raffle, so only 73 more to go!

Don’t dally…get your CF contributions in today!