Adobe and jQuery Sitting In A Tree…

If you attended Adobe MAX in November you heard us declare our appreciation for jQuery and the important role it plays in helping web designers and developers create engaging experiences across browsers and devices.

Along with that, we announced our intention to 1) increase support/usage of jQuery within our products and 2) contribute to jQuery development projects.

This blog is where we’ll share information about how those efforts are going and hopefully hear from you about what you’d like to see from the combination of jQuery and Adobe.

This being our first post, there are a couple things we should mention to catch you up on what’s been happening since MAX. We’re currently involved in two projects; jQuery Mobile and the jQuery Data Grid.

jQuery Mobile–a touch-optimized UI framework for smartphones and tablets–is currently on its Alpha 3 release. We’re very excited about this project and have had one of our finest–Kin Blas–working closely with the rest of the jQuery mobile team since November. As a side note, Kin will be speaking about jQuery Mobile at a Bay Area Mobile (BAM) meetup in March. Highly recommended if you’re interested in getting an overview of the framework from one of its main contributors.

jQuery Data Grid–a rich, dynamic grid component–is a new jQuery UI project. We recently became sponsors and look forward to getting more involved from a development standpoint. A key aspect of the Data Grid project is the development of a generic data model and a generic template model. These are the pieces we’re most interested in as we’d like to see a jQuery-based framework that helps web designers/developers more easily work with dynamic, client-side data.

We’re thrilled to be participating in the evolution of jQuery and we look forward to sharing more news in the months ahead.

16 Responses to Adobe and jQuery Sitting In A Tree…

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  2. Jeff Small says:

    This is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what Adobe and jQuery can do with jQuery Mobile and Dreamweaver. With an increasing reliance on being able to deliver web-standard content to multiple screens on multiple devices, Dreamweaver is becoming my go-to tool to get this kind of work done, and I’m loving the possibilities of Adobe and jQuery working together. I’ve put together a couple of jQuery mobile sites since Max, and it’s astonishing how great the experience is across devices… and this is just the *alpha* release!

    Keep up the great work, Adobe. I’ll see you later this year at Max again, for sure!

  3. Edgar Parada says:

    Great news for Adobe and jQuery. IMHO would be awesome to have a more tight integration between jQuery and Dreamweaver too, besides we have Adobe Widget Explorer that are mainly community efforts.

    In my wishlist: reference, codehinting, toolbars for jQuery plugins/widgets and some behaviors powered by jQuery leaving behind the old school MM_dw_functions.

  4. Peter Witham says:

    Great, looking forward to seeing what comes from this. Native support in Dreamweaver would be very high on my list of wishes!

  5. Jeremy Piscer says:

    If you can’t beat ’em…

  6. This is a great news! I teach DW continuing education classes at the local community, and it never fails that someone comments: “I wish DW had a UI for jQuery instead of Spry” 🙂

  7. Mihai Baboi says:

    Am I to understand that Dreamweaver is giving up Spry for jQuery. That would be kind of nice… 🙂

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  9. Paul Howells says:

    I’m really pleased to read this, especially the mention of jQuery Mobile use in your products (Dreamweaver ?). jQuery has rocked my world over the last few years and its rare that any javascript I write doesn’t use it. Although things have improved a bit (ie. code hinting), Dreamweaver has not had much to offer me when coding javascript (perhaps because I write from scratch rather than drag and drop). I take your appreciation for jQuery as a sign of wanting to support javascript more thoroughly – which I applaud!

    For Dreamweaver to be the kind of environment in which I would enjoy writing jQuery / javascript (I currently use Textmate) it could use a few hooks into tools that aid code quality. A button to run JSLint would be high on my list. Minification options would be useful (Yahoo has good minification tools). While the syntax checking and code hinting in CS5 are very welcome features, a fuller auto-complete (just as with HTML) with an option for jQuery hinting would improve things. Obviously a debugger would be cool, but with Firebug available and setting such a high standard I can happily live without one in Dreamweaver.

    Going off on a tangent a bit, my use of jQuery is increasingly in the context of HTML5 (and the technologies that are associated with it, ie Canvas and SVG). I know this is on your radar because of the Dreamweaver HTML5 Pack but please don’t stop there. The support in Dreamweaver for SVG is currently pretty poor which is a real shame considering all the good work Adobe has done with SVG in the past.

    I guess I’m just trying to draw your attention to the larger eco-system in which jQuery fits and has meaning. (I’m only criticising because I care). I think your heading in the right direction and I wish you all the best folks!

  10. Mihai…Adobe is going to be officially supporting jQuery as it’s framework of choice, correct.

  11. Geoffry says:

    Excellent, I’ve been using all the new Dreamweaver HTML5 and WordPress compatibility and welcome the JQuery collaboration.

  12. wow, thats nice to hear!!!

  13. I think that JQuery is the thing and it is great that Adobe is supporting it! Exciting times

  14. jump manual says:

    I was wondering if anyone has had any issues making ajax calls with the latest releases of both jQuery and Adobe Air? I can’t seem to get this to work, maybe Im doing something wrong as I have not used Adobe Air in the past