jQuery Mobile Beta 2 Available

jQuery Mobile Beta 2 was released last night. It includes some user requested enhancements such as the ability to enhance dynamically added content, DOM cache management, page pre-fetching, and the ability to delay framework initialization.

The complete list of enhancements/changes for Beta 2 can be found here:


Download information here:


One important change to note with this release is the updated Mobile Grade Browser Support matrix, which includes several new platforms in the A-Grade support level:


If you have any issues or enhancement requests, please file them in the jQuery Mobile issue tracker on GitHub so they can be considered/addressed for the pending 1.0 release:


2 Responses to jQuery Mobile Beta 2 Available

  1. Lennard M. says:

    Hey, jQuery is realy cool. Now i will check the jQuery Mobile Beta because i have got a mobile version of my new website 🙂

    Thank you!

  2. KunoFM says:

    When will updates widgets for dreamweaver be available?
    The syntax of jquery mobile has changed at some points between alpha3 and beta2, so an update of the widgets would be really helpful.