jQuery Mobile Beta 3 Available

jQuery Mobile Beta 3 is now available. Updates Among the numerous bug fixes made, some new enhancements were added including, support for pushstate, on platforms that support it, event hooks for allowing developers to inject or modify pages dynamically, and support for the iOS 5 -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch property. Full details can be found here:


Be sure to check out the video demo of the -webkit-overflow-scrolling support here:


You can also play with the live demo used in the video here:


For information on how to download or insert jQuery Mobile into your pages, go here:


Finally, we are now driving towards the 1.0 release. Focus will be placed on fixing bugs and improving performance. If you have any issues or enhancement requests, please file them in the jQuery Mobile issue tracker on GitHub so they can be considered/addressed for the 1.0 release:


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