jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC 1 Available

jQuery Mobile 1.0 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download and testing. This release contains numerous bug fixes and some much needed updates to the framework documentation.

The team is also very excited to announce the development of a new Theme Roller Mobile tool, spearheaded by our very own Tyler Benziger, which makes it incredibly easy to create jQuery Mobile themes in just minutes, without having to edit a single line of CSS. Also in the works is a Download Builder tool which allows you to generate custom versions of the jQuery Mobile framework JavaScript and CSS files. Simply choose the components you wish to use, and the Download Builder will take care of building the custom full/minified JavaScript and CSS files necessary to support those components.

Full details can be found here:


You can see a video preview of the new Theme Roller Mobile tool here:


For information on how to download or insert jQuery Mobile into your pages, go here:


A demo of jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC1 can also be found here:


The team is currently focused on fixing bugs and improving performance. If you have any issues or enhancement requests, please file them in the jQuery Mobile issue tracker on GitHub so they can be considered/addressed for the 1.0 final release: