Hello and welcome to the Adobe Arcade blog!
We’ll be chronicling a little side project we’re working on: our build of a full-sized MAME-style arcade cabinet for Flash games. Just like those we spent our youth plugging quarters into… only ours will feature some really awesome games all 100% in Flash and AIR!
We hope to have some fun, interesting and educational things for you here. We’ll be highlighting new and unique games that make use of the Adobe Flash Platform and the new features of Flash 10. In addition we’ll be combing the Internet looking for great tools, extensions, libraries and engines to help you build better games.
Over the past several months, our team has had a great time meeting a lot of you at events like Mochi Media’s 1st Flash Gaming Summit (http://www.flashgamingsummit.com/) and GDC 2008. We share your enthusiasm and excitement for Flash and AIR’s place as a leading casual gaming platform. We look forward to seeing the amazing things you do in the future that make people scratch their heads and say “Wow, you did that in Flash?!”

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