Inside the Controller

I can’t believe we’ve had the controller unit for a couple weeks now and I haven’t cracked the sucker open! Well, today I solved that major oversight:

Through trial and error (and the WinIPAC program) I was able to figure out the key mappings for all of the buttons. What seemed odd was that several of the buttons seemed to be mapped to the same key. I wanted to open things up and confirm if they were actually physically wired to the same port or if it is was something that could changed in software.
Unfortunately, it looks like they included the 28-input version of the I-Pac instead of the new 32 input version that’s advertised on the Ultimarc web site. This is seriously lame as it means we’ve got several buttons that can only be mapped to the same key. At some point we’ll probably spring for the 32 input version of the I-PAC, but for now we’re stuck with this.
On a positive note, purchasing the assembled controller looks like it was the right move for now. The mameroom folks did an excellent job of wiring up this sucker. Everything is very neat and zip tied; it looks really great.

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