Mounting the Monitor

Thanks to the awesome facilities people we have here at Adobe, I was able to get the monitor mounted inside the cabinet yesterday!

This being an experimental side project, our budget for this is already pretty stretched just based on the cost of the controller and the cabinet. So for the computer and monitor I’m trying to use parts we have around the office. We knew in any case we wanted to try mounting a flat screen instead of a tube that is normally found inside an arcade cabinet. Only issue was finding the right size. One of my co-workers is very lucky that the 30″ Apple Cinema Display is just a half an inch too big to fit…
The biggest monitor we could get ahold of is a 24″ Dell Flat Screen that is fairly common around our offices. I would still like to find something that fills out the available space better, but this will work for now.
The cabinet on the other hand is more designed to mount a regular tube monitor. Around the office, we have the option of having our flat screened monitors mounted to our desk on a swing arm. Since the cabinet has a board at the bottom of the monitor area it looked like the perfect fit for our standard monitor arms. I put a call into our facilities department for my rather unusual request. After promising that they would also be able to play the games when its finished (we plan on placing the cabinet in our lobby here in San Francisco), the monitor arm was attached:
It’s starting to feel like an actual arcade cabinet now. Next I have to paint the monitor bezel.

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