MAX 2009 and the Flash Arcade Public Debut!

We just got back from the LA Convention Center where we set everything up and finished applying the side art. It really looks awesome!
Until the movers actually arrived the other day I didn’t think it was really going to happen.. Even then, there was the nerves of if everything would arrive in one place. However, it seems the stars have aligned and I’m really excited to say the Flash Arcade we’ve been building is making its public debut at MAX 2009. We’ve got a great spot in the MAX Playground in the Community Pavilion, West Hall, Level 1. Pretty much right when you come in the doors

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve done a post about the arcade, so I should probably update on some of the finishing touches we’ve been applying. I haven’t talked much about the AIR application that i’ve been building to launch the games. I’ll save that for another post where I can go more in depth. For now, I’ll just say that I’m using a <mx:HTML> control to load individual game .swf’s off the web. There’s a manager process that runs that handles remapping the buttons for each specific game. I haven’t had the arcade in front of many people so far, so I’m hoping it stands up to the hordes of people at MAX. Fingers crossed.
The cabinet has two 4″ openings at the top for speakers. Since the little built-in speaker in the computer we’re using clearly won’t cut it, I grabbed a pair of 4″ Shielded Speakers from Suzo-Happ. They fit pretty much as they’re supposed to:
They sell an amplifier kitas well, but $91 seemed a tad on the pricey side. So we had a “donor” pair of PC speakers laying around the office not being used. After a few…modifications…they power the new speakers nicely.
Coin Door Cover
We still had a rather large hole in the front of the arcade where the coin door usually goes. We had a couple options, including getting a real coin door, but the cost for a coin door which probably wouldn’t actually be functional was a little daunting. Earlier this week, I took a visit over to TAP Plastics. My idea was to get a piece of red acrylic with the Flash “F” cut out and a piece of white acrylic behind that. Instant Flash Logo coin door cover.
With many thanks to Russ over a TAP Plastics, the end result is fantastic:
Side Art
With the coin door complete, the sides of the cabinet were still looking pretty bare. We had originally plan to take some classes at our local TechShop and make the side art ourselves but we simply ran out of time. So we turned to MAME Marquees. Many thanks to Scott who turned around our order in good time and the side art was waiting for us when we arrived at the hotel in LA today.

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