MAX 2009 Day 2 Items

There have been some really exciting announcements so far at MAX 2009 of interest to game developers.
The biggest announcement was probably that when you develop your game (or application) in Flash Professional, that game should play great, as is, in a wide variety of smartphones. Check out the Open Screen Project for more info and the list of partners who are helping to bring Flash Player 10.1 to mobile devices.
And of course, for a certain phone that isn’t part of that project, in Flash CS5 Professional you’ll be able to export your app to the iPhone.
Now, the first question that I’m hearing from game developers is what kind of performance will you get? Well, you can see for yourself. There are a number of applications that have already been released on Apple’s application store that are using this technology.
Try & Buy for your AIR Applications
You may have caught mention on the day 1 keynote that we’re announcing a new monetization service for the AIR runtime. Well, the service (codenamed Shibuya) is up on labs for developers.
Be sure to catch the keynote on day 2 (or the live stream if you can’t be here in person) where we’ll go into a lot more detail and demonstrate how you’ll be able to sell your games and applications on the AIR Marketplace.
Also be sure to stop by the Adobe booth in the Community Pavilion afterwards and pick up your $5 Coupon for applications that use the new service on the AIR Marketplace.

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