MAX 2009 Flash Game Developer Sessions

Here’s a breakdown of all the sessions we have scheduled for MAX tomorrow that may be of interest to Flash Game Developers:
Building Great Games with Flash
Wednesday, 9:30am – 10:30am
Room: 403B
Twitter: #adobemax353
Speaker: John Say, Say Designs

Learn the secrets and tools of the trade for creating great games with Flash Professional, including honing the fun factor, performance optimizations, and cross-platform/device strategies. John Say and his team at Say Design have enjoyed the excitement and rewards of building a wide variety of games over the last ten years using the Flash Platform. From the web to mobile to kiosks they have delivered games onto almost every type of device enabled for the Flash Platform.

Building Browser-Based Casual MMOs
Wednesday, 11:00am – 12:00pm
Room: 403B
Twitter: #adobemax39
Speaker: Nick Fortugno, Rebel Monkey

Learn from the experts how to design and deploy a new kind of multiplayer gaming experience right in the browser. Rebel Monkey recently launched a casual MMO called CampFu, which gives players the unique ability to form teams and engage each other in real-time co-op games with nothing more than a browser. Get the lowdown on the tricks of the trade, challenges, and solutions for building your own browser-based casual MMO.

Birds of a Feather – Gaming *JUST ADDED*
Wednesday, 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Community Pavilion, Table 4
Grab your lunch and join us for a birds of a feather session for game developers. Meet and talk to many of our speakers from today as well as people from Adobe who are working to make game development on the Flash Platform an even greater experience.
Flash Platform Gaming Showcase
Wednesday, 2:00pm
Room: 404A
Twitter: #adobemax215
Speaker: Danielle Deibler (Adobe), John Shapiro (Adobe), Patricio Jutard (Three Melons), and More!
Get an overview of the latest developments in the Flash Platform relevant to casual and social gaming. You will get a firsthand look at some fun and innovative games from top publishers as well as insight into how these games were made. See what Adobe is working on to make building games for the Flash Platform better than ever.
Build a Flash Based Platformer in 90 Minutes
Wednesday, 4:00pm
Room: 408B
Twitter: #adobemax267
Speaker: Ben Garney, PushButton Labs

Learn how to build a platformer using Flex Builder and the open source PushButton Engine game framework. This will be a hands-on session that will give the attendee experience with writing real-world game logic, designing levels, and learning the tricks of the professionals. By the end of the session, you will have created a complete side-scrolling platformer style game (like Super Mario Brothers), including puzzles, cut scenes, and enemies.

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