MAX2010 Day 1 (Monday) Sessions for Game Developers

Just finished setting up the Flash Arcade for the MAX Playground this year. It’s going to be awesome! I caught Serge doing some filming while playing the arcade, so hopefully he’ll be posting a new video soon.

MAX 2010 is here! Here’s a short list of a couple of sessions & labs that are happening on Day 1 of MAX 2010 that may be of interest to Flash Game Developers. Of course, there’s tons more going on at MAX, but here’s a few I thought I would highlight:

Game On! Multiscreen, Multiplayer Game Development
Monday, October, 25th, 12:45 pm – 2:15 pm
Room: 403A

Learn about techniques used in multiscreen and multiplayer game development and how best to use the resources available on mobile devices, including multitouch and accelerometers. Be sure to bring your Flash enabled device, and your competitive edge, to participate!

Tracks: Envision, Design, Develop
Audience: Architect, Creative Designer, Application Developer
Skill Level: Intermediate
Products: ActionScript, AIR, Flash Builder, Flash Media Server, Flash Player, Flash Professional, Flex
Speaker: Nate Beck

Building “Plants vs. Zombies” in Flash
Monday, October, 25th, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Room: 515A

Join us as top casual game publisher PopCap covers a wide variety of topics about porting bestselling “Plants vs. Zombies” from its proprietary C++ framework to ActionScript and the Adobe Flash authoring environment. This session will cover traditional game architecture and the update loop, tradeoffs in the Flash graphics API versus PopCap’s native PC graphics API, animation, font rendering, sound and music systems, and resource management.

Tracks: Develop
Audience: Architect, Creative Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Application Developer
Skill Level: Beginner
Products: ActionScript, Flash Builder, Flash Player
Speaker: Max Anderson

Animation How-To’s, Tips and Tricks with Chris Georgenes
Monday, October, 25th, 2:45 pm – 4:15 pm
Room: 409A

Ask, share, and learn everything about animation in this hands-on lab with leading Flash animator Chris Georgenes. The lab will help anyone who has wanted to advance their character animation, interactivity, games, and animation skills with the animation tools in Flash Pro.

Tracks: Design, Develop
Audience: Web Designer, IS/IT, Web Developer, Application Developer, Educator
Skill Level: Beginner
Product: Flash Professional
Speaker: Chris Georgenes

Open Source Game Development with Flash and PushButton Engine
Monday, October, 25th, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Room: 511C

Learn how to develop games based on Flash technology and the open source PushButton Engine. PushButton Engine is a framework that’s designed for creating a new generation of games for Flash. PushButton Engine not only makes it easy to build great games, but it also allows the development of new functionality and components to improve the world of gaming for everyone thanks to its open source nature.

Tracks: Envision, Design, Develop
Audience: Architect, Web Developer, Application Developer, Business Decision Maker
Skill Level: General Audience
Products: AIR, Flash Builder, Flash Player, Flex, Open Source
Speaker: Ben Garney

Pushing Pixels: Blitting on Desktop, Web, and Mobile
Monday, October, 25th, 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Room: Unconference (FITC)

Speaker: Jesse Freeman Blitting is a technique for rapidly drawing bitmaps to a screen. This is one of the oldest techniques for displaying graphics on a screen and was used heavily in the 8bit and 16bit video game days. Even though it’s an old technique it doesn’t mean Blitting doesn’t apply to modern Flash development. Bitmap manipulation is incredibly fast in Flash and can be used to scroll large images, make games, or perform generative art. Through the power of Bitmap and BitmapData classes in Flash Player you can achieve incredible run time compositing.

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