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Blitting and caching movie clips in Flash

ADC Flash Game Technology Center Updates for 2/22:
Last week, Renaun Erickson gave us an introduction to blitting techniques in ActionScript. Today, Michael James Williams follows up on that article with his own showing some more advanced blitting techniques and caching.
Read the full article here: Blitting and caching movie clips in Flash

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Game Technology Center Updates – 2/15

We’ve got some great new updates for the Flash Platform Game Technology Center on ADC this month.
First up, I attempt to break down some of the technologies and terminologies used in the Flash Platform to help new developers make sense of it all:
Understanding Adobe Flash Platform technologies for building games
Next, Renaun shows you how to give your games a bit of a performance boost by using a technique called “blitting”:
Rendering game assets in ActionScript using blitting techniques
And finally, for our Get Inspired section this month, we showcase three great games that hopefully will inspire you to go create:

Don’t forget, the Flash Gaming Summit 2010 is coming up March 8th in San Francisco. We’re very happy to be sponsoring again this year and we hope to see you all there!

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Announcing the Flash Platform Game Technology Center

We’re very happy today to announce the launch of the Flash Platform Game Technology Center on the Adobe Developer Connection web site!
If you’ve developed using any of Adobe’s products, you’ve probably visited the ADC web site before. It’s a great resource, full of articles, tutorials and code samples – most of which have been contributed by you, the developer community. While there have been articles posted that relate to game development, it was never one of the themes of the site.
With the launch of the Flash Platform Game Technology Center, we’re putting together a place to collect all the great resources for Flash game developers, both on the ADC web site as well as links to community sites around the Internet.
Some of the new content available:

There’s lots more content we have planned for down the road. We hope this section of the ADC web site grows into a valuable resource for the game development community. If you’ve got an idea for an article you’d like to contribute, please take a look at the ADC Author Guidelines page for more information.

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