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MAX2010 Day 1 Wrap-Up and Day 2 (Tuesday) Sessions for Game Developers

MAX2010 Day 1 is behind us. If you didn’t catch this morning’s keynote, it looks like there’s a replay available. Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch demonstrated Flash and AIR running on a fantastic array of devices, from phones to tablets to TV’s, from several manufactures. All the different devices and screen sizes now available are terrific for consumer choice, but also present some new challenges for developers. Monday’s keynote was dedicated to showing developers how Adobe is leading the charge through this new landscape.

For game developers (since that is the focus of this blog), there’s a number exciting developments, not the least of which was the announcement of the 3D APIs for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR now available on Adobe Labs!

Also in the keynote, Kevin was joined by RIM’s President and Co-CEO Mike Lazarides for one of the first public demos of the PlayBook, RIM’s new tablet based on AIR (SDK for the PlayBook now available). Samsung announced support for AIR 2.5 integrated in future Samsung SmartTV’s. The Flash Platform blog has a great summary of all the announcements.

With all the announcements, sessions, labs, free DROID2’s and more, MAX has certainly had an exciting first day. There’s lots more in store for game developers on Day 2, here’s some of the highlights:

Developer Tips for Building Great Games using AIR for Android
Tuesday, October, 26th, 8:30 am – 9:30 am
Room: 515B

Join Adobe Platform Evangelist Renaun Erickson to learn how to develop, optimize, and deploy an Adobe AIR game on the Android mobile platform. Get the lowdown on using features like gestures, touch, bitmap transformations, and peer-to-peer networking to take your game to the next level on mobile devices. Sample code will be available to participants after the session.

Tracks: Develop
Audience: Architect, Application Developer, Business Decision Maker
Skill Level: Advanced
Products: ActionScript, AIR
Speaker: Renaun Erickson

Building P2P Multiplayer Games
Tuesday, October, 26th, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Room: 515B

Learn how you can leverage peer-to-peer communication in Adobe Flash Player to enable multiplayer games on Facebook. This session will include an in-depth tutorial on peer-to-peer technology, a demo of how to use peer to peer in your games with Adobe Flash Builder and Flash Professional CS5, and deployment on the Facebook platform.

Tracks: Develop
Audience: Creative Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Application Developer
Skill Level: Advanced
Products: ActionScript, Flash Builder, Flash Player, Flash Professional
Speaker: Tomas Krcha

Animation with Chris Georgenes
Tuesday, October, 26th, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Room: 518

Learn from animation expert Chris Georgenes of Mudbubble as he walks through various games, character animation and interactive content he’s created for clients using Flash Professional. Always an educational and informative speaker, Chris will share his approach to various animation projects, sharing his artful way of using Flash animation tools.

Tracks: Design, Develop
Audience: Creative Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Application Developer, Educator
Skill Level: Beginner
Product: Flash Professional
Speaker: Chris Georgenes

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MAX 2010 Session: “Building ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ in Flash”

Plants vs. ZombiesMAX 2010 is only a month away! I highlighted in a previous post some of the many sessions available that will be of interest to Flash game developers.

We’ve got one more to add to that list and it’s a big one! Max Anderson from PopCap will be discussing their recent port of the uber popular Plants vs. Zombies game to Flash. He’ll give a postmortem of the porting process and he’s sure to have some great performance optimization tips as well. The session will be on Monday, October, 25th from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm.

Building “Plants vs. Zombies” in Flash
Join us as top casual game publisher PopCap covers a wide variety of topics about porting bestselling “Plants vs. Zombies” from its proprietary C++ framework to ActionScript and the Adobe Flash authoring environment. This session will cover traditional game architecture and the update loop, tradeoffs in the Flash graphics API versus PopCap’s native PC graphics API, animation, font rendering, sound and music systems, and resource management.

Speaker: Max Anderson
Tracks: Develop
Audience: Architect, Creative Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Application Developer
Skill Level: Beginner
Products: ActionScript, Flash Builder, Flash Player
Time: Monday, October, 25th, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

If you’re already registered for MAX, follow this link: to find the session in the MAX Scheduler. Be sure to register early for this one, it’s sure to fill up quick.

If you’re not already registered for MAX, what are you waiting for! They’ll be over 300 sessions and labs, not to mention keynotes, Sneaks, parties and everything else. Head on over to to register now!

After you register, play the online version of PvZ here:

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Gaming Related Sessions at MAX 2009!

We’ve been working to get a number of sessions and labs of interest to Flash Game Developers into the show for MAX 2009 in Los Angeles, CA (October 4-7th).
So far, we can announce that on Wednesday at 9:30am, John Say from Say Designs will be presenting Building Great Games with Flash:

Learn the secrets and tools of the trade for creating great games with Flash Professional, including honing the fun factor, performance optimizations, and cross-platform/device strategies. John Say and his team at Say Design have enjoyed the excitement and rewards of building a wide variety of games over the last ten years using the Flash Platform. From the web to mobile to kiosks they have delivered games onto almost every type of device enabled for the Flash Platform.

Next, on Wednesday at 11:00am, our friends from Rebel Monkey will be presenting a talk about their recently launched casual MMO, CampFu. Building Browser-Based Casual MMOs:

Learn from the experts how to design and deploy a new kind of multiplayer gaming experience right in the browser. Rebel Monkey recently launched a casual MMO called CampFu, which gives players the unique ability to form teams and engage each other in real-time co-op games with nothing more than a browser. Get the lowdown on the tricks of the trade, challenges, and solutions for building your own browser-based casual MMO.

We’re very excited to have a “Bring Your Own Laptop” Lab on Wednesday at 4:00pm. Our friends Ben Garney and Aaron Buchanan from PushButton Labs will teach you how to Build a Flash Based Platformer in 90 Minutes:

Learn how to build a platformer using Flex Builder and the open source PushButton Engine game framework. This will be a hands-on session that will give the attendee experience with writing real-world game logic, designing levels, and learning the tricks of the professionals. By the end of the session, you will have created a complete side-scrolling platformer style game (like Super Mario Brothers), including puzzles, cut scenes, and enemies.

We’re really excited to be bringing these sessions and labs to you and hope to see you all at MAX this year! Stay tuned, because we may have one or two more game-related MAX announcements for you in the coming days. For more information, check out the MAX web site.

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