Illustrator Office Hours: Dave Cross explores nondestructive CC workflows 5/19 12-3pm PDT


Come join our LIVE Illustrator Office Hours 5/19 from 12-3pm PDT.

Dave will be exploring various ways of moving files between Illustrator and Photoshop – with a particular focus on non-destructive methods – and the creative possibilities this provides.  This includes using basic Photoshop shapes in Illustrator, using Illustrator art in Photoshop with live updates, sharing color schemes, making brushes and more. Along the way Dave will share his favorite time-saving techniques such as customizing Photoshop, the Blend If sliders and much more – and he’ll attempt to answer as many Photoshop questions as he can.

Update on Creative Cloud Trials

Adobe provides free trial periods for Creative Cloud in order to allow individuals to download, evaluate and try Creative Cloud before deciding to become a Creative Cloud member. In order to ensure that trial lengths align more accurately with how trials are being used, we are making some adjustments to the program.

Beginning May 9th, 2016 the length of the trial period for Creative Cloud will be standardized worldwide to 7 days.

Individuals currently evaluating Creative Cloud via a trial will not be impacted.

You can find more information on Creative Cloud trials, including how to sign up on the Creative Cloud trials page.

Photoshop techniques on Twitch with Jesús Ramirez

Bring your Photoshop questions! Join Jesús Ramirez LIVE for information-packed live streams on Adobe’s Twitch Channel where he will share some of his best Photoshop techniques for applying awesome effects to your photos!


Topics will include applying the cinematic movie effect, creating the shallow depth of field effect, color matching, photo compilation and more!

Join us on twitch tomorrow 5/12 12pm-3pm PT on

Check out the 4/21 session here.

QuickTime on Windows

Recently the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued Alert (TA16105-A), which recommends Windows users uninstall Apple QuickTime from their computers.

Adobe has worked extensively on removing dependencies on QuickTime in its professional video, audio and digital imaging applications and native decoding of many .mov formats is available today (including uncompressed, DV, IMX, MPEG2, XDCAM, h264, JPEG, DNxHD, DNxHR, AVCI and Cineform). Native export support is also possible for DV and Cineform in .mov wrappers.

Unfortunately, there are some codecs which remain dependent on QuickTime being installed on Windows, most notably Apple ProRes. We know how common this format is in many workflows, and we continue to work hard to improve this situation, but have no estimated timeframe for native decode currently.

Other commonly used QuickTime formats which would be affected by the uninstallation of QuickTime include Animation (import and export), DNxHD/HR (export) as would workflows where growing QuickTime files are being used (although we strongly advise using MXF for this wherever possible).

Adobe’s desire has always been to support everything natively without the need for QuickTime. As a result of the above we intend to increase our efforts to remove these incompatibilities, and provide our customers with a complete native pipeline. We will provide more information on this as we progress.

The AdobeCare Tweetstakes- Enter to win 6 months of Creative Cloud!


It’s here! The AdobeCare Tweetstakes is on! We’re giving away three 6 month Creative Cloud subscriptions. Enter to win 3/21 to 3/25!

How do you enter? It’s easy!

  1. Retweet one of our posts during the week
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NO PUR. NEC. Enter by 03/25/2016. Must be 18+. For complete details, eligible countries, and prize descriptions see AdobeCare Tweetstakes Official Rules Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Adobe

Creative Cloud Desktop on Mac Update Issue

Earlier today we were notified of an issue with an update to the Creative Cloud Desktop application on Mac that we rolled out earlier in the week.  In a small number of cases, the updater may incorrectly remove some files from the system root directory with user writeable permissions.

We have removed the update from distribution, and are in the process of deploying a new update which addresses the issue. When prompted for the update, Creative Cloud members should install it as normal.

If you have issues with the update, please contact customer support.

Much thanks to Backblaze for helping us identify the issue.

UPDATE: The update is now available, and you should be prompted to install it within the next 24 hours. You can also download and install it directly for Mac and Windows.

Adobe Mobile Apps Demonstrate That Less Really Is More

Adobe Color CC, Shape CC, Brush CC and Hue CC were milestones in our evolution of capture apps—designed to quickly perform a single task, they were created to enable creativity and then get out of the way.

Starting today, we will no longer update Color CC, Shape CC and Brush CC on iOS or Android. We will also stop development for Adobe Hue CC on iPad and iPhone. Instead we have consolidated the four apps into a single, comprehensive mobile app called Adobe Capture CC.

Adobe Capture CC is available as a free download in iTunes and Google Play and is compatible on iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

Users can now create color themes, custom brushes, vector graphics and unique Looks from a single photo, in a simple workflow and within the same app. And because Capture CC is powered by CreativeSync, creative professionals can sync and save the assets they create to their Creative Cloud Libraries and use them in other Adobe desktop and mobile apps.

We’ve also updated our drawing apps; Adobe Illustrator Draw and Adobe Photoshop Sketch with the same spirit in mind. Both apps incorporate features previously unique to Adobe Illustrator Line—such as support for drawing in two-point perspective, and graph grids for better drawing accuracy—and have also been updated with new features like access to Adobe Stock and new watercolor brushes for Sketch.

Moving forward, all innovation and new features for our drawing apps will be delivered in Draw and Sketch. Users who created and saved artwork in Line can access those assets when they log into Sketch. No further development will be made to Line as it will be removed from the app store for sale following this release.

Creative Cloud members who have already downloaded Adobe Illustrator Line, Color CC, Shape CC, Brush CC and Hue CC will continue to have access to these apps until iOS and Android ship updates. At which time, service may be discontinued. For more information and support, please visit our forums pages for Line, Color, Shape Brush and Hue.

To take advantage of the latest, most innovative features in Adobe’s drawing and capture apps download them from the app stores today.

To learn more about Capture CC and how to download it, visit our product page:

Learn more about Photoshop Sketch:

Learn more about Adobe Illustrator Draw:

We hope you’ll stay tuned for future announcements.

#AskAdobeCare Fixed-Layout EPUB eBook creation in InDesign CC 2015 – Part 2 | with host Pariah Burke


We’re back again, with another chat with epublishing expert Pariah Burke, author of best-selling books and videos on epublishing with InDesign. Join us to chat about the most exciting, interactive, and visually rich type of ebook–fixed-layout–and how anyone can use InDesign CC 2015 to publish amazing ebooks filled with imagery, animation, video, audio, and much more for children’s, travel, cooking, photography, and other types of books.

Tune in Thursday 8/13 at 12pm – 1pm PT for part 2 of our #AskAdobeCare Twitter chat where Adobe Community Professional, Pariah Burke, will be here to answer your questions.

If you have questions for Pariah, please tweet them with #AskAdobeCare, and we will supply the answers.


  • 12pm-1pm Pacific Time on August 13th, 2015

Here’s how to participate:

  • Sign in to Twitter anytime before or during the event.
  • Tweet your question to @AdobeCare + #AskAdobeCare.
  • Follow @AdobeCare, and track #AskAdobeCare to view questions from other customers.

MEET THE HOST: Pariah Burke

Headshot 2012 Scorpion RanchPariah Burke is a best-selling print publishing and epublishing consultant, speaker, and author. He literally wrote the book (and the curriculum) on digital publishing with InDesign, ePublishing with InDesign, which is the first and most comprehensive book on epublishing for InDesign-based enterprise, professional, and self-publishing workflows. His book has become the foundation for courses at hundreds of colleges and institutions throughout the world. Pariah is also the author of more than 30 hours of video courses on InDesign and epublishing for Train Simple.

Connect with Pariah on social media:

#AskAdobeCare Recap: Fixed-Layout EPUB eBook creation in InDesign CC 2015 | with host Pariah Burke

Thanks to Pariah Burke for such a great Q&A on EPUB eBook creation with InDesign CC 2015. We had more questions than we could get to in one day, so we’re planning another Twitter Chat currently scheduled for August 13th. Here’s a note from our host, Pariah Burke.

Thank you, everyone, for all the great questions! (Thanks, too, for that marriage proposal, but I’m already married, Ally.) And thanks to @_petegreen at @AdobeCare for making my answers make sense in 140 characters. What a great Twiterchat!

We received so many questions that we ran out of time before we could answer them all. As a result, we’re going to do it again! In 2 weeks I’ll be back on @AdobeCare at the #AskAdobeCare hashtag answering even more of your questions about ebook and fixed-layout ebook publishing with InDesign and epublishing and self-publishing in general.

If you have questions you’d like me to answer during the Twitterchat–or questions you’d like answered outside of it–get in touch with me.

I’m on Twitter @iamPariah and helping in the InDesign Facebook group at .

You can find all the means of reaching me on my website, .

Thank you again, everyone! See you again August 13th at Twitter hashtag #AskAdobeCare!

The Recap:

Camera Support for CS6

In order to pursue further innovations in image processing and workflow technology, the next release of Adobe Camera Raw (v 9.1.1) will be the final version available for use with CS6. Customers can utilize the free Adobe DNG Converter utility to receive the very latest camera support for CS6 and older versions of our software going all the way back to Photoshop CS2 and Lightroom 1.0.

Learn more about the Adobe DNG Converter utility.

Download the latest version of the Adobe DNG Converter: Mac | Win

For ongoing innovations in image processing and workflow technology for photographers, become a member and join the Creative Cloud Photography plan or Creative Cloud complete.