by Alistair Lee


June 7, 2012

Sneak Peek: Event Reports and Analytics

Last week, I published a sneak peek showing you some incredible new features that will enable customers to build landing pages to register participants for their events. I’ve seen some stunning examples and these features are largely powered by Adobe CQ5.

It’s not the whole story though. When we spoke to customers about the workflow for their marketing webinars and other events, they spoke about the need to measure the success of these events. Getting people to your event is one part of the equation – analyzing the data after the event is another.

It turns out that Adobe is already an industry leader in web-based analytics through it’s acquisition of Omniture in 2009. In this sneak peek, I’ll show you how a future version of Adobe Connect can leverage Adobe SiteCatalyst to help customers analyze their events and qualify leads.

Alistair Lee

Alistair Lee

In his role as Sr. Enablement Manager for Adobe Connect, Alistair helps to enable customers to communicate, collaborate and train more effectively.  During his 15 year tenure at Adobe Systems, Alistair has held a number of technology related roles that include consulting, evangelism and marketing. 

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