by Shelby Britton


April 9, 2013

The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing, as they relate to Webinars

Roger Courville

A blog posting by Roger Courville, The Virtual Presenter
Based on the book The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: 9 1/2 Ways to Get People to Love You by Cathey Armillas

I could not help sharing Roger’s inspiration on webinar best practices that he received from the above mentioned book by Cathey Armillas. After reading the book The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing, Roger has applied these principles to webinars.

The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing

From his blog:

The webinar angle? Too often webinars and webcasts are used as publishing platforms which, while not wrong, often miss out on the opportunity to use them to “get people to love us.”

Visit his blog site to find out more about the following unbreakable rules as they relate to producing webinars that will get people to love you:

  • Consistency beats ability
  • Perception is reality
  • Be creative or die
  • The medium is not the message
  • Work hard to keep it simple
  • Give love to get love
  • Emotions rule the world
  • Go big or go home
  • Everything is marketing
  • Know the rules, and know when to break them


Shelby Britton

Shelby Britton

Shelby Britton, Group Product Marketing Manager @shelbynbritton Shelby has been in high tech marketing since 2004. She has produced and managed over 500 webinars since 2007 and is the author of The Content Marketer's Guide to Webinars. Previously she led the marketing departments for channel partners of IBM and Adobe. She has a MBA with a dual-focus in Marketing and Management from San Diego State University and a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Writing from the University of California San Diego, Revelle.

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  • By Jeff Berry - 2:55 PM on April 10, 2013  

    Thanks for the plug, Roger. So glad you were inspired by the book.

    Jeff Berry
    The Other Author of The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing

  • By CRM sistema - 12:27 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Especially I liked the Idea to be creative or die.