by Shelby Britton


May 29, 2014

Free eBook: The Content Marketer’s Guide to Webinars

AContentMarketersGuidetoWebinarsHot off the press…new ebook ‘The Content Marketer’s Guide to Webinars’ available for free through Adobe. This ebook is a comprehensive collection of webinar best practices and how-to’s. If you are starting a webinar program or improving/expanding your existing program, this guide is a must read.

In this book, I cover how to get started from a technical perspective, best practices and tips for engaging your audience, how to strategically structure your program to generate leads, the best way to squeeze the most leads out of webinars and more. If you are not starting from scratch but are looking for best practices, this book will help you, too. Feel free to skip the sections that do not apply to you or skip straight to a section you need right away. If you find a section boring (however unlikely that may be), move on. If you think a section would be better read later, come back to it. You know what you need, and I hope you find it in this ebook.

This guide should ease the burden of starting from square one and give you actionable takeaways no matter what your experience level.

Download eBook now for free: www.adobe.com/go/webinarguide



Shelby Britton

Shelby Britton

Shelby Britton, Group Product Marketing Manager @shelbynbritton Shelby has been in high tech marketing since 2004. She has produced and managed over 500 webinars since 2007 and is the author of The Content Marketer's Guide to Webinars. Previously she led the marketing departments for channel partners of IBM and Adobe. She has a MBA with a dual-focus in Marketing and Management from San Diego State University and a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Writing from the University of California San Diego, Revelle.

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