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Help & Support pages for Creative Suite applications

The Help document and Help & Support page for a specific application are the best places to go first when looking for information—whether to learn how to use a feature or get past a problem.

The Help & Support pages contain links to Help documents, technical support documents, user-to-user forums, and tutorials. Perhaps most important, the Help & Support pages provide a search field that uses the Adobe Community Help search engine, so that you can search to see if an answer has already been provided to your question or a solution provided for your issue.

If you don’t find an answer using these tools, then you can ask a question on the appropriate Adobe user-to-user forum, where many experts help out and answer questions about Adobe software, even assisting with troubleshooting in many cases.

Note that for each application there is a link for CS5 and CS5.5/CS5.1, as well as a link for CS6. The CS6 link actually goes to a document that includes information about CS5, CS5.5/CS5.1, and CS6 versions of the application—all together. Unfortunately, there is no document for just the CS6 version of each application.

If you’re using CS5, CS5.1, or CS5.5 versions, you’ll want to use the link for just CS5 and CS5.5/CS5.1 versions. The PDF documents that include documentation for CS6 versions are missing many features found in the documents for CS5 and CS5.5, including working cross-reference links.

Important: If you have feedback about CS6 documentation, please give it on the Community Help forum, where the right people will see it, not in the comments of this blog post.

Documents in other languages

These are just the English-language documents. I gave links to some documents in other languages here.

Other documents in the Help system, including reference documents

Several applications have additional documents, including API references, programmer’s guides, and other resources for creating and using extensions. For those documents, see the respective home pages for the documents listed above.