Adobe Customer Success blog

This blog will be used by members of Adobe’s Customer Success Organization (CSO) to provide you with information that will help you to get past problems and get on with successfully using Adobe software.

The Customer Service Organization includes both Technical Support and Customer Service staff, so we’ll be sharing both information about how to use the software and information about how to get past issues with such processes as ordering and activation.

2 Responses to Adobe Customer Success blog

  1. Darren Brazier says:

    Hi All, Cheers for your success with Adobe products. The good news: I purchased a fully licensed copy of CS4 and I have used it with great enjoyment.
    The bad news: My home and shop was stricken with the tornado activity in Toney, AL back in May. At that time I lost my CS4 DVD’s and computers. I contacted Adobe to get a replacement copy (case number 206457000). To my surprise I received an email from Jarrett Smith from the Reseller Support Department that notified me that because I had a version that was now 2 versions old that I do not get anything. Are you FREAKING KIDDING me!

  2. Bing Han says:

    Hi Darren,

    Thank you for writing to us. Can you please send me an email to binghan(at)adobe(dot)com with a more detailed recount of your story, including: Adobe ID, case number and your complete mailing address and contact information.

    We’ll be getting in touch, thanks!

    Bing Han
    Online Social Customer Success Lead