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April 6, 2009

Weekend Wrap–Random Musings

Contributed by Terry Hemphill, Illustrator Marketing Manager

Spectacular spring weather here in San Francisco and the urge to be outdoors is my excuse for this “Weekly Wrap” being more of a kick off for the new week, but some things, like reading printed material, can be done anywhere: the park, the beach, or the sofa. So even when dissolute, there are still thoughtful items to be gleaned from the venerable, and very portable, mass medium called print.

The much-heralded collapse of the newspaper industry is a a bit disconcerting to me. Yes, I’m old school, and still enjoy the idea of the New York Times and a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning. But despite all the thrashing and gnashing over a dying business, there’s very little put forth in the way of what’s needed to overhaul the system.

Jacek Utko, an astonishingly talented Polish newspaper designer, asks, “Could good design save the newspaper–at least for now?” His approach, and success, suggests that he’s on to something. Check out his presentation from this February’s TED conference:

In the same vein, an article in GOOD magazine provides a fascinating comparison of the changes that took place 200 years ago with the situation today, and gives us a peek at a new revenue model for journalism to replace the failing one we have now.

And while we’re on GOOD, their latest issue, which I did cart with me to the park this weekend, has some wonderful graphics to support the theme of Reinventing Our Wheels, created by the New York design studio Open.


Alas, the cover above, while still designed by Open, is not from issue 15 on transportation, and while I couldn’t find the cover graphic from GOOD’s latest issue, check it out on a newsstand near you. Just updated–GOOD has posted their transportation issue online. The looped and knotted highways would make a great “how-to” for Illustrator. But in the meantime, this tutorial from gives a good warm up for creating more intricate designs. Big thanks to Scott Stowell from Open on the GOOD update.

For a deeper look at some of Open’s work for GOOD, download a PDF (3.1 MB) of their Transparency section from GOOD issue 006.


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